CertiK token airdrop guide

CertiK is one of the leading smart contract auditors in the web3 space, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to secure the industry at scale. CertiK has just released its CertiK Skynet Quest which potentially could lead to an eventual token airdrop. Here is our CertiK token airdrop guide.

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CertiK Airdrop CONFIRMED? Earn Gems for Tokens

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What is CertiK?

CertiK is a leading smart contract auditor, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for the Web3 industry. Founded in 2018 by professors from Columbia and Yale, CertiK pioneers blockchain security using best-in-class Formal Verification and AI technology to safeguard blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 apps. They are trusted by major exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and Huobi for auditing projects built on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and other Layer 1 blockchains. Their mission is to ensure provable trust for all, with a focus on analyzing and monitoring blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.

How to get the CertiK token airdrop?

Here’s our guide on how to get the potential CertiK token airdrop

  1. Sign up on CertiK Skynet Quest

    Go to CertiK Skynet Quest and sign up for an account using your email.

  2. Complete daily tasks

    Complete the daily tasks which refresh every 24 hours.

  3. Browse projects

    To browse the projects on the platform, click on the ‘Go’ button to discover and browse different projects.

  4. Vote for CertiK services

    Vote for free CertiK services by clicking “Go” and selecting a protocol or project rather than a chain. Once inside, scroll down to the “Vote for Free CertiK Services!” section. There, you can vote “YES” or “NO”.

  5. Complete quests

    Engage in the quests available on the platform. These quests are one-time tasks and usually involve quizzes to complete.

  6. Monitor your gems, hearts and XP

    Go to your profile to monitor your gems, hearts, and XP. Gems can be exchanged for virtual rewards, hearts regenerate every 60 minutes if lost during quizzes, and XP levels up for access to higher reward quests.

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