Burnt (XION) token airdrop guide

Burn (XION) is a modular Generalized Abstraction layer that enables seamless user experiences for everyday users by abstracting away all crypto complexities and enabling cross-chain interoperability. They have recently launched their Generalized Abstraction Testnet, and they are expected to launch their mainnet later this year! Currently, Burnt (XION) has some missions where you can complete to mint NFTs, and this will very likely translate into token airdrops in the future! Here is our Burnt (XION) token airdrop guide.

Check out our Burnt (XION) token airdrop guide!

What is Burnt (XION)?

Burnt (XION) is a layer one blockchain built specifically for gaming. It aims to provide a seamless user experience for gamers by implementing a modular infrastructure with abstracted accounts, leveraging Ethereum’s technology. The goal is to address the issue of laggy gameplay that is often experienced in many crypto games. Key features of XION include:

  • Innovative Blockchain Technology: Built on cutting-edge blockchain technology, ensuring robust security, high transaction speeds, and reduced costs .
  • Unique Tokenomics: Introduces a distinctive token model, where the XION token plays a central role. The tokenomics are structured to encourage long-term holding, stability, and gradual growth, distinguishing it from the volatility often associated with cryptocurrencies.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Prioritizes a user-friendly interface to lower the barrier to entry, making it easier for a broader audience to engage with the platform.
  • Security Measures: Implements state-of-the-art security protocols to safeguard user assets and data. From advanced encryption methods to multi-factor authentication, the project places a high premium on protecting its community.
  • Community-Driven Development: Committed to a community-driven approach. Regular updates, open dialogue with users, and community input play a pivotal role in shaping the project’s trajectory.
  • Sustainable Growth Strategy: Embraces a sustainable growth strategy, focusing on long-term development and stability. This approach includes strategic partnerships, continuous technological upgrades, and a commitment to ethical practices in the crypto sphere.

Burnt (XION) has raised over US$11 million in funding from notable investors such as Animoca Brands, Circle Ventures, Hashkey Capital, Spartan, Injective, Alliance DAO, Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), among others.

Will there be a Burnt (XION) token airdrop?

Burnt (XION) recently launched their Generalized Abstraction Testnet. Meanwhile, their mainnet is expected to launch later this year. There are currently some tasks you can do on the Burnt (XION) testnet, such as playing their game. Burnt (XION) also has some Galxe quests for users to complete and NFTs which can be minted. These are generally tasks which, if done, could position you for a potential airdrop.

How to get a potential Burnt (XION) token airdrop?

Time needed: 1 hour

Here’s our guide on how to get a potential Burnt (XION) token airdrop

  1. Connect to XION

    Go to https://xion.bonusblock.io/?r=eHe8WxhP and sign in with your email to create a new account.

  2. Mint Burnt (XION) NFTs

    Complete the tasks to mint NFTs. Tasks include linking your social media profiles, referring friends, playing games and participating in XION’S Abstractathon.

    Note the Crash Game is not always available, so you will need to check back often to see if it works. The aim of the Crash Game is to click as fast as possible to “crash” XION. However, you need to beat the score of 186 points in order to win.

    Also, the Buidl Campaign task will require you to have a DoraHacks account and to submit a Buidl. This task is quite complex and requires you submit a project with code. So, if you are a developer you may wish to attempt this task.

  3. Complete Burnt (XION) Galxe quests

    Go to Burnt’s (XION) Galxe quest page and complete the tasks before 1st January 2024. Tasks include following their social media pages and visiting their pages. Complete their 3 quests: Generalized Abstraction Crash Game, XION Expedition and Generalized Abstraction Testnet-Launch Supporter.

  4. Mint OAT

    To mint the OAT on Galxe, you will need MATIC to pay gas fees. Note that once you have deposited the Galxe Smart Balance for gas fees the amount cannot be withdrawn or transferred.

  5. Complete Burnt (XION) Guild tasks

    Go to https://guild.xyz/burnt and join the Guild. Complete the Guild tasks. Tasks include obtaining roles on the Burnt (XION) Discord server. To do this, you will need to engage with the community on Discord and produce content for Burnt (XION) such as educational blogs or videos.

  6. Mint Guild Pin

    On the Guild page, click “Mint Guild Pin” and follow the steps to mint the pin. It will cost around 2 MATIC plus gas fees to do this.

Mint Burnt (XION) NFTs

Burnt (XION) airdrop review

When reviewing an airdrop, there are several factors to consider. First, the likelihood the project will even do an airdrop in the first place. Then, to look at how many tokens the project intends to allocate towards airdrop campaigns, as well as the difficulty in participating in their airdrop. It is also important to look at the utility of the token so that there will be an actual use and purpose in participating in the airdrop in the first place. Finally, a factor to consider when reviewing an airdrop is whether the airdropped tokens are subject to any lockup period.

Likelihood of airdrop: Burnt (XION) recently launched their Generalized Abstraction Testnet, and mainnet launch later this year! Currently, Burnt (XION) has some missions where you can complete to mint NFTs, which may translate into token airdrops in the future! However, an airdrop has not been confirmed by the team yet.

Airdropped token allocation: The Burnt (XION) airdropped token allocation is unknown.

Airdrop difficulty: Most of the tasks are social tasks, which are quite simple. Later tasks however require a lot of engagement and content production which will take more time. One of the tasks also requires development knowledge which may be too advanced for most people.

Token utility: Burnt (XION) token utility is unknown.

Token lockup: Burnt (XION) token lockup is unknown.

Likelihood of Airdrop
Airdropped Token Allocation
Airdrop Difficulty
Token Utility
Token Lockup
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burnt-xion-token-airdrop-guideBurnt (XION) has recently launched their Generalized Abstraction Testnet and is planning to launch their mainnet later this year. Currently, Burnt (XION) offers some missions that allow you to mint NFTs. These NFTs may translate into token airdrops in the future.