BullX token airdrop guide

BullX is the fastest advanced decentralized exchange (DEX) trading system that is currently deployed on 6 different chains. They recently launched an airdrop campaign and an early access referral program. Their website also states their airdrop will begin in June 2024! Here is our BullX token airdrop guide.

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BullX Guide: HOTTEST Multichain Trading Bot with HUGE Airdrop

What is BullX?

BullX is the fastest advanced decentralized exchange (DEX) trading system that is currently deployed on 6 different chains. These are: Solana, BTC, Blast, Base, BSC, TON, ARB and more. BullX is also the first hybrid trading bot on Telegram with the following features:

  • Fast indexing;
  • Realtime security audit;
  • Multi-wallet management;
  • Live charts and stats;
  • Limit buy/sell across all supported chains; and
  • First telegram-web interface.

How to get the BullX token airdrop

Here’s how to get the potential BullX token airdrop

  1. Set up BullX account

    Click on our invite link HERE (and get a 10% trading fee discount!). Connect your Telegram account when prompted.

  2. Choose preferred chain

    On the BullX portal, you can choose which blockchain networks you want to trade on by clicking on the chain button on the left bar. If you prefer trading Solana meme coins, select the Solana chain. For a variety of options, choose any of the supported chains. Supported chains include: Ethereum, BNB, BASE, Arbitrum, Blast and Solana.

  3. Join the BullX referral program

    Participate in the BullX referral program for additional benefits. For each person you refer, you earn 35% of the revenue from their fees. If this person refers someone else, you’ll earn another 3.5% from their fees, with further extensions up to 1% per layer. You can claim your earned fees daily by visiting the BullX portal.

  4. Set up wallet on BullX

    When setting up a new wallet on BullX, it’s crucial to download your private keys within 48 hours. You can find your private keys by clicking the wallet icon on the left bar and then “Download your private key”. You have only one opportunity to do this, and saving your private keys offline is advisable. This precaution prevents the loss of your keys in the event of a device hack.

  5. Add funds to wallet

    Go to the wallet icon on the left bar and click “Add Funds”. Make sure you choose the right chain before you deposit your funds.

  6. Start trading

    Accumulate trading volume by starting to trade, which will convert to points. Trading during the early access period earns you 5X points! Please note that since the mainnet has launched, trading will involve real funds. Therefore, users should be aware of the risks associated with trading.