Brahma Console token airdrop guide

Brahma Console is an on-chain execution and automation environment designed for Asset Managers, DAOs, and power users, offering a secure and user-friendly interface for on-chain interactions while maintaining full ownership and access to their Safes. They are launching Phase 1 of a secret campaign which many speculate could be an airdrop! Here is our Brahma Console token airdrop guide.

What is Brahma Console?

Brahma Console is an on-chain execution and automation environment that leverages Safe smart accounts custody. It is designed for Asset Managers, DAOs, and power users. Here are the key features of Brahma Console:

  1. Improved UX: Brahma enhances the user experience for performing on-chain interactions from self-custody.
  2. Security Mitigation: It reduces security risks associated with on-chain processes.
  3. Live on Multiple Chains: Brahma Console is currently live on Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum, Blast, Mode, and Sei, with plans to expand to newer chains.

How to get the Brahma Console token airdrop?

Time needed: 45 minutes

Here’s how to get the potential Braham Console token airdrop

  1. Complete Galxe tasks

    Connect your wallet to the Brahma Console Galxe page and complete the tasks. Tasks include achieving a specified humanity score, following Brahma Console’s social media pages and earning Discord roles.

  2. Create console on Brahma

    Connect your Metamask wallet to the Brahma Console platform. Choose a unique name for your console and click “Next”, then “Create new Console”. Then follow the steps to configure your Safe and choose your authentication method by clicking “Enable Password Auth” and choosing a password. Finally, review your console and click “Sign and create account”. Confirm the transaction in your wallet, this would cost around US$6 in gas fees.

  3. Deposit assets into your Console

    You can choose to deposit $WETH or $USDB into your console. However, $WETH may be preferable because $WETH is commonly required for gas fees anyway. It is also generally supported by most crypto wallets. As for the deposit amount, you may wish to consider depositing at least US$1,000 worth of $WETH as it unlocks eligibility to earn Blast Gold. This would qualify you for more rewards in the Blast token airdrop! Note however this requires you to use real funds, which comes with risks.

    Check out our Blast token airdrop guide!

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