Black Panther Finance ($BLACK) token airdrop guide

Black Panther Finance is a protocol on Injective that enables users to earn more from their digital assets by using smart vaults that trade for them with one click. The team has confirmed that they will distribute $POINT tokens on the Injective mainnet through an airdrop. These $POINT tokens can be used to unlock rewards when their $BLACK token is launched. Here is our Black Panther Finance ($BLACK) token airdrop guide.

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lack Panther ($BLACK) Airdrop Guide (UPDATE)

What is Black Panther Finance?

Black Panther Finance is a service that helps you make more money from your digital money. It does this by using smart programs that trade your money for you in different ways. Some of these ways are:

  • Grid Trading: Buying and selling money when the price goes up and down in a range.
  • Trend Following: Buying and selling money based on the direction of the price movement.
  • AI Powered: Using artificial intelligence to find the best trading opportunities.

You can choose from different types of trading programs, called vaults, that have different levels of risk and reward. You can also earn extra money by joining some special programs that reward you for using Black Panther Finance. All you need to do is to deposit your money into the vaults and let them do the work for you.

Will Black Panther Finance ($BLACK) do a token airdrop?

Black Panther Finance have confirmed they will do an airdrop. Their website even has an airdrop section! The team have confirmed they will be distributing $POINT tokens on Injective’s mainnet. These $POINT tokens can be used to unlock rewards when their $BLACK token is launched, which will enable token holders to earn revenue from Black Panther’s protocol.

How to get the Black Panther Finance ($BLACK) token airdrop?

Here’s how to get the Black Panther Finance ($BLACK) token airdrop

  1. Set up profiles and wallets

    Create 10 Chrome profiles and install Keplr extension on each of them1. You will use these profiles to create 10 different wallets. We suggest you create a spreadsheet to keep track of all your addresses and where your funds are sent.

  2. Deposit $INJ

    Deposit $INJ tokens into your main Keplr wallet. You can buy $INJ tokens on centralized exchanges such as Bybit.  

    Sign up for a Bybit account here!

  3. Distribute $INJ

    Send both $INJ to each of your 10 wallets. You will need around 6 $INJ per wallet. Remember to update the information on your spreadsheet so you do not lose track of your funds!

  4. Stake $INJ

    Connect your wallet to the Injective Hub and find the “Black Panther | Delegate for Claimdrop” validator. Click “Delegate Now” and “Continue to Delegate”. Stake around 3 $INJ to the Black Panther validator. Repeat this step for each of your Chrome profiles.

  5. Complete Galxe quests

    Go to Black Panther Finance’s Galxe questpage and complete the social tasks.

    However, in order to claim the OAT, you will need to use Avalanche. Therefore, make sure you have $AVAX in your Metamask wallet to pay for gas fees. Note that if you are going to be withdrawing from an exchange to your Metamask, make sure you do so via AVAX C-chain.

  6. Interact with Black Panther Mainnet

    Go to There are 3 featured vaults which offer 3 strategies: Real Yield, Trend Following and Market Making. Deposit into these vaults for potential to earn some passive income!

    However, note that the Market Making vault uses a dual pair of tokens i.e. INJ/USDT. So be careful if impermeant loss!

    Learn more about impermeant loss and why it is a risk HERE

Featured vaults on Black Panther Finance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it too late to do the Black Panther Finance airdrop?

No! The airdrop has been going on since August 2023, BUT no snapshot has been announced yet. So, there is still time to complete the airdrop tasks!

When will Black Panther Finance do their airdrop?

The Black Panther team have not announced when they will do the airdrop.

Best strategy for Black Panther Finance airdrop?

One strategy for the Black Panther Finance airdrop is to focus on the staking validator snapshot. To do this, go to Injective Hub, finding the “Black Panther | Delegate for Claimdrop” validator and staking $INJ there.

How much $INJ do we need to stake to get $BLACK token airdrop?

There has not been any announcement yet on how much $INJ you need to stake in order to get the Black Panther token airdrop.

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black-panther-finance-token-airdrop-guideBlack Panther Finance ($BLACK) have confirmed they will do an airdrop! There are several categories of tasks you can do, such as staking on validators, mainnet interactions and Galxe social tasks. So there are tasks for every level of difficulty!