Berachain ($BERA, $BGT) token airdrop guide

Berachain ($BERA, $BGT) is a high-performance, EVM-compatible blockchain that uses Proof-of-Liquidity consensus to align network incentives and support decentralized applications. There are rumours all over Twitter that Berachain will do a token airdrop. Berachain is in the testnet phase so any airdrop tasks will not require real funds. Also, as Berachain is in the Celestia ecosystem, there is a good chance Berachain could do a 2 in 1 airdrop! Here is our Berachain ($BERA, $BGT) token airdrop guide.

Check out our Berachain Testnet Airdrop Video Guide!

Berachain testnet airdrop guide

What is Berachain?

Berachain is a fast and powerful blockchain that can run smart contracts like Ethereum. It uses a new way of running the blockchain called Proof-of-Liquidity, which rewards people for providing money to the network, making it more stable and secure. Berachain’s technology is built on Polaris, a high-performance blockchain framework for building EVM-compatible chains on-top of the CometBFT consensus engine.

Here is a summary of what Berachain is and its main features:

  • Berachain: A fast and powerful blockchain that can run smart contracts like Ethereum, but with some extra benefits.
  • Proof-of-Liquidity: A new way of running the blockchain that rewards people for providing money to the network, making it more stable and secure.
  • Polaris EVM: A software tool that helps developers create smart contracts for Berachain, using the same languages and tools as Ethereum.
  • CometBFT: A software tool that helps the blockchain reach agreement on what transactions are valid, using a fast and efficient method.

Bearachain is backed by notable VCs such as Polychain Capital and Hack VC, making it a highly anticipated project in 2024!

Berachain dApps

Will there be a Berachain token airdrop?

Berachain have not confirmed it will do an airdrop, but there are certainly lots of rumours on Twitter that they will. Considering how well other Cosmos ecosystem projects are doing these days with their airdrops, it is highly likely that Berachain will also do its own airdrop. Also, Berachain’s public testnet known as Artio just went live on 11th January 2024. This means we are now very early to this airdrop, and it is a good opportunity to start positioning yourself for it. Most importantly, as it is a testnet, it means that you will not need to use any real funds to do the tasks, so it is virtually 0 risk to do this potential airdrop!

What is the Berachain ($BERA, $BGT, $HONEY) token?

Berchain will have two tokens $BERA and $BGT. The BERA token is the network token used to send transactions on the blockchain, which is why it’s sometimes called the “gas token.” It’s what pays for the transaction’s gas. The BERA token has not been released yet, and there is no way to get it as of Jan 11th, 2024.

Meanwhile, the $BGT token is the governance token of Berachain, a Proof of Stake blockchain that uses a Proof of Liquidity model. The BGT token has the following characteristics:

  • Depositing liquidity in the native BEX is the only way to acquire BGT, and it is non-transferrable.
  • Performing certain actions in authorized dApps, such as providing liquidity for LP pairs that earn BGT emissions, allows you to accumulate BGT.
  • You can delegate BGT to a validator to secure the network and participate in governance proposals.
  • You can burn BGT 1:1 for BERA, the main network token. However, note that this is a one-way function, and BERA cannot be converted into BGT.

I hope this helps!

Berachain will also have its own stablecoin known as $HONEY, which aims to be at 1:1 with USDC. Once the Berachain Mainnet is live, Honey. will be able to be minted using the Honey dApp on purchased on Berachain’s DEX.

How to get a potential Berachain ($BERA, $BGT, $HONEY) token airdrop?

Berachain is in the Cosmos ecosystem, so there is a good chance that positioning yourself for a potential Berachain airdrop can also make you eligible for a Cosmos airdrop! This means you can get a 2 in 1 airdrop with Berachain and Celestia!

Here’s how to get a potential Berachain token airdrop

  1. Connect MetaMask to Berachain

    You can automatically connect your MetaMask wallet to Berachain by going to the Berachain Docs and clicking “Add testnet”. Approve the transaction on your MetaMask.

  2. Follow Berachain on social media

    Go to and follow their social media pages by clicking on the buttons at the top of the page.

  3. Participate in the Berachain Discord community

    You can ask or help answer questions on the Berachain Discord community. Aside from doing something good for the community, it may also be helpful for any potential airdrop as you may rank up and get exclusive roles based on your Discord activity. As we’ve seen in many past airdrops, this can potentially qualify you for airdrops and maybe even whitelist access.

  4. Get testnet BERA tokens

    Go to, enter your wallet address and click “Drip tokens”. However, this may not work as the Berachain team have said that they are experiencing a lot of network congestion. However, it may be helpful to try this occasionally as the network may be better later on.

    Update: Artio’s public testnet faucet is back online!!!

    Alternatively, if you scroll down you can go to Berachain’s other facuet partners i.e. Honey Jar Faucet and Quicknode Faucet.

  5. Swap tokens on Berachain DEX

    Go to the swap features on Berachain DEX. Swap your testnet BERA tokens for $STGUSDC.

  6. Mint HONEY tokens

    Go to Honey and mint the STGUSDC to the HONEY token.

  7. Supply and borrow HONEY

    BEND is Berachain’s equivalent to Aave, which is a borrowing and lending protocol. To interact with BEND, connect your wallet to Scroll down to the “Available to supply” section and supply HONEY. Remember to enable HONEY as collateral. Then, go to the “Available Borrows” section and borrow HONEY. You will earn rewards in $BGT tokens by supplying and borrowing HONEY.

  8. Interact with BERPS

    BERPS is Berachain’s perpetuals market which will allow high leverage trading of up to 100x leverage for your favourite token pairs. Connect your wallet to and choose any trading pair to long or short. Note that as you are only using testnet tokens, you do not have to worry about risk of liquidation.

    Then, deposit HONEY to the Vaults by going to the “Vaults” tab, selecting the amount of HONEY you wish to deposit and clicking “Approve HONEY”. You will receive rewards in bHONEY by doing this.

  9. Stake and vote on BGT Station

    The BGT station is the hub for BGT governance. Connect your wallet to You will be able to delegate and vote using BGT when the feature becomes available and there are governance proposals.

  10. Create NFT drop collection

    Connect your wallet to and complete the details required to create your NFT drop collection. Then click “Deploy to Berachain Artio Testnet”.

  11. Complete Galxe quests

    Go to the Berachain Galxe quest page and connect your wallet. Make sure you are on the Ethereum network. Complete the tasks and earn points. Most importantly, get the Bera Cub role as it may open the doors for other whitelist opportunities and perks.

    Here are the answers to the Intro to Berachain quiz on Galxe: C, D, D, D, A

Berachain ($BERA, $BGT) airdrop review

When reviewing an airdrop, there are several factors to consider. First, the likelihood the project will even do an airdrop in the first place. Then, to look at how many tokens the project intends to allocate towards airdrop campaigns, as well as the difficulty in participating in their airdrop. It is also important to look at the utility of the token so that there will be an actual use and purpose in participating in the airdrop in the first place. Finally, a factor to consider when reviewing an airdrop is whether the airdropped tokens are subject to any lockup period.

Likelihood of airdrop: There is a lot of rumours surrounding a potential Berachain airdrop. Berachain is part of Celestia ecosystem and right now other projects on the ecosystem are getting a lot of exposure through airdrops. Therefore we think Berachain is likely to do a token airdrop.

Airdropped token allocation: The Berachain airdrop allocation is unknown.

Airdrop difficulty: Berachain currently is in its testnet phase. So you will not be at risk of losing any real funds by doing the airdrop tasks.

Token utility: Berachain will have the $BERA, $BGT and $HONEY tokens. Each of these tokens will have its own set of utilities.

Token lockup: There is no information on the $BERA and $BGT token lockup yet.

Likelihood of Airdrop
Airdropped Token Allocation
Airdrop Difficulty
Token Utility
Token Lockup
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berachain-bera-bgt-token-airdrop-guideBerachain is in the Celestia ecosystem so positioning yourself for this potential airdrop may also make you eligible for any Celestia airdrop. This means a 2 in 1 airdrop opportunity. Also, as Berachain is currently in testnet there is no risk for completing the airdrop tasks. This makes the potential Berachain airdrop worth spending your time on!