AIGC Explosion: Is it a Bubble or Not?

AIGC (AI Generated Content) is revolutionizing content creation and consumption, with its deep learning algorithms and applications expanding from text generation to video generation.

AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) is a tool that can assist humans in content production, replacing basic labor processes and improving content quality and creative efficiency. However, AIGC is still an efficiency tool and cannot complete creative and decision-making work. It is best used as an aid to human creativity, rather than a replacement. AIGC (Artificial Intelligence General Computing) is a new technology with two main application scenarios: To B and To C. It can be used to empower various industries and produce content through interaction with people. In the future, AIGC technology could even be used to create digital twins of humans, allowing them to achieve technological immortality in the Metaverse.

The Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) technology is still in its early stages of exploration. It is mainly used in marketing accounts, news manuscripts, and plot continuations, but its application in the metaverse is limited by technical equipment such as VR/AR/XR. Investing in the field of AIGC is still a bit too risky due to the obstacles of unstable AIGC technology, single application scenarios, and lack of liquidity. Companies need to invest a lot of money in data, computing power, and algorithms, leading to high operating costs. Moreover, the technology is not mature enough to be used in production, and the competition in the industry will intensify, leading to a decrease in corporate income.