UN Security Council: First Meeting on AI Threats Spurs Calls for Regulation

The United Nations Security Council held its first meeting on Tuesday to discuss the potential threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI) to international peace and stability, with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calling for the creation of a new international body to help govern its use.

At the UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for the creation of a new international body to help govern the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He urged the Council to approach AI with a sense of urgency and suggested a legally binding agreement by 2026 to ban the use of AI in automated weapons of war. However, Russia expressed skepticism, stating that the knowledge about the risks of AI might not be sufficient to consider it a source of threats to global instability. The meeting was the first of its kind to discuss the threats AI poses to international peace and stability.

UN Security Council: Global Cooperation to Prevent Uncontrollable AI

The Chinese government has called for international laws and norms around Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be flexible, allowing countries to establish their own national-level regulations. Zhang Jun criticized developed nations for AI dominance attempts and for creating barriers to hinder others’ progress. He urged global cooperation to prevent AI from becoming an uncontrollable force, allowing countries to regulate freely.

UK’s James Cleverly chaired a meeting where China accused the US of using AI for censorship and repression. However, the US representative neither denied nor addressed the accusations but emphasized no member state should misuse AI. Cleverly urged international AI governance linked to principles of freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law, security, and trust. Additionally, the meeting was a response to the increasing use of AI and its potential to be used for unethical purposes.

UN Secretary-General Calls for AI Watchdog Agency

At the UN Security Council, Cleverly emphasized AI’s impact on global strategic stability. He cautioned about the dangers of AI facilitating the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction by various entities. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for the establishment of a UN watchdog to regulate, monitor and enforce AI regulations. In addition, he suggested that the watchdog should be similar to the agencies that oversee aviation, climate and nuclear energy. The meeting highlighted the need for global cooperation to ensure the safe and responsible use of AI.

A new global agency is being proposed to address the threats posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The agency would consist of expert advisors offering technical guidance to governments and administrative agencies. Moreover, diplomats support the concept, but a legally binding resolution for a global governing mechanism is distant. Lastly, the agency aims to promote responsible and ethical AI use, maximizing its potential for the benefit of everyone.