Bitquence in a Nutshell

Bitquence is a company that aims to create a people-powered new economy services company that makes the cryptocurrency market accessible and trustworthy to the average user, accelerating adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing ownership of cryptocurrencies.

Enigma (ENG) in a Nutshell

Data is one of the most valuable assets we have nowadays. Information on a person’s preferences and habits are highly sought after by companies. It’s a central part of the business of a lot of

Kyber ICO will exclude Chinese citizens

Recent Chinese news on ICO bans seems to have affected the international community as well. KyberNetwork has just announced that they will “exclude Chinese nationals/citizens from out public token sale.”. There was considerable interest in

Chinese “exchange ban” cause sell-off

A new article appeared on Chinese news media outlet caixin, claiming that Chinese authorities are looking to close cryptocurrency exchanges due to risks of money laundering. posted an article titled “虚拟货币交易所时代结束” (the age of crypto