Zoom Boosts AI Capabilities with Anthropic Partnership

Zoom and Anthropic have joined forces to develop AI systems that are both reliable and advanced.

Zoom has partnered with AI safety and research business Anthropic to build sophisticated and reliable AI systems. The collaboration will integrate Anthropic’s AI assistant, Claude, with Zoom’s collaborative platform, starting with Contact Centre. Zoom Ventures, Zoom’s startup investment offshoot, has also invested in Anthropic. This partnership will help them to create a federated approach to AI, allowing users to access AI-powered features and services with greater reliability and safety.

Zoom’s Contact Center Applications Enhanced with Federated AI Approach

Zoom has partnered with Anthropic to provide customers with a federated approach to AI. This approach utilizes its proprietary AI models, AI models developed by AI specialists, and select customers’ models. This allows them to offer holistic value and customization for its customers’ needs.

With this investment, they are advancing leading-edge companies like Anthropic and helping to drive innovation in its ecosystem and beyond. According to Zoom’s CEO, Eric S. Yuan, “Partnering with Anthropic furthers our commitment to providing customers with our federated approach to AI, optimized to deliver outstanding customer experience outcomes.”

Anthropic and Zoom have partnered to revolutionize Zoom’s Contact Centre portfolio, including Virtual Agent, Contact Center, and Workforce Management. The collaboration will integrate Anthropic’s AI-powered chatbot into Zoom’s portfolio to empower agents and improve customer support.

This will enable customers to receive high-quality service experiences and streamline everyday processes. Dario Amodei, CEO and co-founder of Anthropic commented on the partnership, expressing excitement to showcase Anthropic’s capabilities and their joint commitment to enhancing productivity through intelligent solutions.

Anthropic and OpenAI Partnerships Fuel Zoom’s Enhanced IQ Capabilities

In addition to its collaboration with Anthropic, they have introduced new generative AI capabilities earlier this year for email and chat composition. Integrated into Zoom IQ, these features are developed through a partnership with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. They allow for chat thread summarization and meeting agenda generation.

Zoom leverages partnerships with Anthropic and OpenAI to continually enhance Zoom IQ with optimized workflows and relevant information.

One notable addition is the real-time summarization feature of Zoom IQ, which highlights key points that users may have missed if they joined a Zoom meeting late. Users can also interact with the AI by asking follow-up questions.

Zoom IQ offers a range of AI-powered features to enhance meetings and streamline collaboration. For instance, users can generate whiteboard sessions by providing text prompts. After the meeting, it can summarize the discussion and post the recap to Zoom Team Chat. It can even suggest the next steps for leaders.

Zoom Team Chat now includes AI-powered updates as well. Zoom IQ provides thread summaries for users who missed parts of a conversation, saving them time. It can also draft message responses, increasing productivity by offering alternative phrasing.

With generative AI capabilities, it can suggest content for email responses. It reads meeting summaries and considers completed tasks to assist users in interacting with customers.

Moreover, Zoom IQ leverages the context and content from Zoom Team Chat to generate meeting agendas, providing valuable organizational support.

Zoom Boosts AI in Healthcare and Security

They have been actively pursuing a range of partnerships, focusing on various aspects of the future of work. These collaborations encompass advanced AI-driven solutions, employee engagement in hybrid work environments, and robust security technologies.

Zoom strengthens email security with enhanced threat detection features through a collaboration with Abnormal Security, a cloud-based vendor. Abnormal Security’s new email-centric products assist users in identifying suspicious messages, recovering compromised accounts, and enhancing security posture.

In addition, they have made the acquisition of Workvivo, an employee engagement platform. Workvivo offers a comprehensive platform integrating engagement tools, a social intranet, and an employee app, providing a seamless solution. They plan to integrate Workvivo’s capabilities into their own platform to enhance their employee experience tools.

Furthermore, it expanded its partnership with Oracle in the realm of telehealth. This collaboration aims to deliver more accessible, faster, and efficient telehealth services. Leveraging Oracle Cerner Millennium, telehealth capabilities enable healthcare providers worldwide to seamlessly join patient appointments and access electronic health records (EHRs) simultaneously. This integrated solution empowers clinicians with a connected workflow and tools for recording updates in the patient’s EHR.

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