Woman Fired for AI Content Writing: A ChatGPT Revelation!

With a three-month project from a long-term client in hand, the woman was ready to tackle the task of writing numerous how-to guides and articles.

Tina Sendin, a freelance writer and marketer, used AI tools to assist with her workload on a three-month project for a long-term client. AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and others can help writers improve their writing without plagiarizing, but some writers lost their jobs when employers discovered their use of AI. Sendin shared her experience using AI on Business Insider, highlighting how it can aid content creation without replacing writers.

Lessons from Tina Sendin: AI as a Tool, Not a Replacement

Tina Sendin learned the hard way that AI should be used as a tool, not a replacement for human effort. She used an AI-writing tool for a client’s articles, but they terminated the agreement upon discovering AI-generated content writing. To avoid similar situations in the future, she now communicates her use of AI with clients and respects their preferences. She uses AI to enhance her drafts, preserving the desired tone of voice, rather than relying solely on it. By doing so, she ensures that her clients get the best quality content.

AI as a Source of Ideas, Sources, and Statistics for Content Writing

Tina Sendin is an advocate of using AI to improve her content writing and save time. She believes that clear and specific prompts lead to better AI outputs. She has also observed the benefits of using AI to generate ideas, sources, statistics, and condense large volumes of text. Despite initial concerns, she now sees AI as a valuable tool and emphasizes its deliberate use. As an early adopter of AI, she will continue to learn and adapt to enhance her workflow.

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