Vechain Summit 2019 Livestream

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Join me on an epic live-stream from Vechain Summit 2019! Vechain Summit 2019 is the biggest gathering of developers, investors and enterprise adopters. This is the first ever Vechain Summit, and it focuses on “Creating Valuable Transactions” as a theme.

What is Vechain: Vechain is a next generation smart contract platform for enterprise use, focusing in solving issues of supply chain management, digital audits, carbon credits and dapps. Read more in our Vechain Guide.

The objective of the Livestream is to give a realistic picture of what it’s like to be at the conference – with interviews from Sunny Lu (CEO of Vechain), Kevin Feng (COO of Vechain), Totient Labs and Plair.

I’ve complied a list of Questions from the Community:

Authority Nodes

  1. StatFlow (Reddit): Can we get direct confirmation from the team on how many of the nodes (of 101) are operated by separate entities? There seems to be doubt around how many of the nodes VeChain is “holding”…It would be nice if there could be a % provided of how many nodes VeChain actually has.
  2. CalculatedLuck (Reddit): do they have a timeline for when they will start releasing the identities of the Authority nodes? Isn’t the point of Proof of Authority for that to be public?
  3. Ramukia (Reddit) When can we upgrade node status using Ledger Nano S ?


  1. StatFlow (Reddit): Are there plans to increase its liquidity? Exchange listings?
  2. SteveMi13 (Reddit): Will they ever include VTHO in their quarterly financial reports ?
  3. Freevideochat (Reddit): Thoughts about listing VTHO on serious exchanges like Binance?
  4. EmmaAi22 and Vegeuria124 (Reddit): When do they plan to change transaction costs considering VTHO price has doubled in the last couple of months but the cost per transacton is unchanged?

XNode Program

  1. StatFlow (Reddit): Besides ICOs (which US investors can’t participate in) and bonuses there have been little to no extra rewards or incentives for holders to continue holding X Nodes. What is the team planning for the X Node program?
  2. Vx7777(Reddit): Do they plan to make x nodes great again?

Mobile Wallet

  1. StatFlow (Reddit): When should we expect a new update or new functionality? Are there still plans to make it so that VTHO can be exchanged for VET in-wallet?
  2. ee

VeForge Wallet

  1. StatFlow (Reddit): When should we expect a new update or new functionality? Are there still plans to make it so that VTHO can be exchanged for VET in-wallet?
  2. asdfsa

VeChain Prices

  1. StatFlow (Reddit): Can the team comment on what caused the transaction spike at the end of March/beginning of April? (Ref:
  2. Park_injured (Reddit): Do you know anything about the large Binance sell walls?

Economic node bonus pool

  1. StatFlow (Reddit): What will happen with the VET in the Economic Node bonus pool? What would happen with the VET once it’s removed from the pool?
  2. Potatoburrito123 (Reddit): Implications of VePool for x-node holders; and if there will be any plans to address them?


  1. StatFlow (Reddit): When will we hear more about Cahrenheit? Is it still active?

General Direction of Company

  1. Svoboda1 (Reddit): What is the strategy to start making inroads with regards to American awareness and adoption?
  2. Jarobeu (Reddit): If Enterprises come on board and use VeChain’s IP, is there a Licensing fee paid by the enterprises or is this just part of the service? If so, is the fee paid in VET or dollars?
  3. Tnhtnn (Reddit): How do they want to compete against IBM’s and other big companies supply chain? Wouldn’t companies rather go with IBM than Vechain? Why will Vechain stand out and be picked over the others.
  4. Romeolee (Reddit): Do they have any plan or projections when mainnet will have over 1m transactions per day from all the partnerships so far?
  5. Summer_2021 (Reddit): Have the team had any conversations with Coinbase, as a fiat onramp there would do wonders for the Western hemisphere?
  6. Denieuwesheriff (Reddit): Say I’m a potential large customer. For the services I’m looking for, there are alternative options from large respected companies with their private blockchain solutions. I am convinced a public blockchain solution is the way to go, but with the limited information available about the AN’s I feel like I have to trust the foundation. Something I don’t want from a ‘trustless solution’. How do you convince me VeChain is my best option?

Vechain Partnerships

  1. Obligatex and CRItual (Reddit): Further advancements of China Tobacco partnership?
  2. CRItual (Reddit): What happened with drug and vaccine traceability solution. Also is DB Schenker still valid partnership.
  3. Tnhtnn (Reddit): What is happening with the Louis Vuitton deal?
  4. Tnhtnn and strangelostman (Reddit): When do we hear more about other partnerships?
  5. Tnhtnn (Reddit): And the most important question: When does a company use the vechain blockchain consistantly? The amount of transactions are most of the time low and somedays there are spikes. When do companies migrate their data on the Vechain network?


  1. SteveMi13 (Reddit): Will they disclose more about CHAOS?

Vechain Blockchain:

  1. Tnhtnn (Reddit): When does a company use the vechain blockchain consistently? The amount of transactions are most of the time low and somedays there are spikes. When do companies migrate their data on the Vechain network?

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