Tensor Season 2 Airdrop: What You Need to Know

Tensor is a Solana-based NFT marketplace that offers a unique fee structure to its users, similar to Blur on Ethereum. The Season 1 airdrop has just ended; however, the Season 2 airdrop is now live, offering even more rewards than Season 1! In this article, we will briefly explain what Tensor is and what you can do to position yourself for the airdrop.

Tensor Airdrop Step-by-step Guide

Here’s how to receive a potential Tensor token airdrop:

  1. Bidding, listing, and market-making on more popular NFT collections.
  2. Bidding and listing closer to the floor price.
  3. Keeping your bids and listings active as long as possible.

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What is Tensor?

Tensor is an NFT marketplace on Solana that provides better coverage, more data, and advanced order types. With a 1% taker fee and no maker fee, users can create listing, bidding, and market-making orders without incurring any charges.

Moreover, Tensor pays full royalties on specific collections, while applying a 0% royalty rate on others. When purchasing a listed item or instantly selling to a bid, users pay the enforced royalties during the checkout process. It’s important to note that Tensor may adjust its fees and royalties in the future.

Does Tensor have a Token?

The Tensor token intended for the Airdrop rewards hasn’t been launched yet, but it will be introduced shortly. For now, the rewards you receive are points (which directly translate to Tensor tokens in the future) and mystery boxes, which offer clues about their contents.

How to Claim Season 1 Airdrop?

If you have provided liquidity on TensorSwap or any Solana marketplaces in the last 6 months, with at least 500 SOL volume traded or 200 points, you can claim rewards on the Tensor Season 1 Airdrop page.

How to Qualify for the Tensor Season 2 Airdrop?

To qualify for the Tensor Season 2 airdrop, there are three criteria: bidding, listing, and market-making. These three activities must be done on TensorSwap only, and you can earn more points by doing the following:

  1. Bidding, listing, and market-making on more popular NFT collections.
  2. Bidding and listing closer to the floor price.
  3. Keeping your bids and listings active as long as possible.

Market-making is perhaps the easiest of the three options, as any bid that is accepted will be automatically converted into a listing, and any listing that is accepted will be automatically converted into a bid. As an added bonus, you can earn fees in the process!

But if you are bidding and listing on TensorSwap and they are taken, it will stop earning points. Additionally, it is important to note that the following actions won’t earn you any points:

  1. Bidding and listing too far away from the floor price.
  2. Bidding and listing on obscure NFT collections.
  3. Wash trading (buying and selling NFTs to themselves).

Airdrop Review

When reviewing an airdrop, there are several factors to consider. First, the likelihood the project will even do an airdrop in the first place. Then, to look at how many tokens the project intends to allocate towards airdrop campaigns, as well as the difficulty in participating in their airdrop. It is also important to look at the utility of the token so that there will be an actual use and purpose in participating in the airdrop in the first place. Finally, a factor to consider when reviewing an airdrop is whether the airdropped tokens are subject to any lockup period.

Likelihood of Airdrop: Tensor has confirmed a Season 2 airdrop and is now live.

Airdropped Token Allocation: The Tensor team token is not launched yet, but they have confirmed that the Season 2 rewards will be much greater than Season 1.

Airdrop Difficulty: It is recommended to engage in this activity only if you have experience trading Solana NFTs, especially if you are comfortable with buying or selling NFTs on Tensor. It may not be worth attempting if you lack such experience.

Token Utility: The Tensor team has not yet published details of the token’s utilities. But it is likely to be similar to Blur, used for governance of the marketplace.

Token Lockup: No tokenomics available yet.

Likelihood of Airdrop
Airdropped Token Allocation
Airdrop Difficulty
Token Utility
Token Lockup
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tensor-season-2-airdropTensor has announced their Season 2 airdrop, and it's already live! While the exact token allocation is not available, the Tensor team has confirmed that rewards will be significantly higher than in Season 1. However, the airdrop may not be suitable for everyone, and it is recommended to participate only if you have experience trading Solana NFTs and feel comfortable buying and selling NFTs on Tensor. Unfortunately, the details of the token's utilities are not yet available, but it is expected to have similarities with Blur, which is used for marketplace governance. As for token lockup and other tokenomics, no information has been released yet.