Seize Future Industrial Revolution With Action Plans: Jin Zhuanglong

Jin Zhuanglong, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, announced plans to seize a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes, accelerate the layout of cutting-edge fields such as humanoid robots, Yuan universe, and quantum technology, and comprehensively promote 6G technology research and development, to position the future of industry.

Mapping the Future of Industry Through Action Plans: An Interview with Jin Zhuanglong

In 2019, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that China needs to “seize the opportunities” presented by technological innovations and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These remarks have had significant ramifications on the national level and the various industries it serves. Of course, such a sweeping call to action requires careful planning and thought – something that Jin Zhuanglong, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, recognizes. Recently, he has been vocal in calling for actionable plans to harness the potential of cutting-edge fields, including humanoid robots, Yuan universe, and quantum technology.

In 2020, the Central Bank of China issued its Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) – often referred to as the digital yuan – to the public. This was a signal that China is taking its commitment to technological advancement seriously, and further showcases the government’s forward thinking regarding the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In an exclusive interview with CryptoPotato, Minister Zhuanglong discussed his plans to seize the opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as the importance of having a well-thought out action plan.

Responding to the recent launch of the National Blockchain Technology Innovation Center, the Minister explained that the project demonstrates China’s commitment to blockchain technology and its potential applications in various industries, including infrastructure and finance. He did stress that private sector investment can be risky and should be undertaken with caution.

When asked about his thoughts on the previously mentioned technologies, such as quantum computing, humanoid robots, and the Yuan universe, the Minister highlighted the importance of research and development in these fields. He noted that such developments will not only further progress the nation but will also help to create a more vibrant and connected local economy.

The importance of talent in such technological fields was also discussed. According to the Minister, it is of the utmost importance that a pool of knowledgeable personnel is cultivated to understand and leverage the potential of these technologies for the benefit of the nation.

The idea of a DCEP was also raised during the interview, something which the Minister believes is essential in putting the tools of the technological revolution in the hands of the citizens. The digital yuan, which is already in circulation in four cities, will be used as a payment method during the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing. This is further evidence of the government’s commitment to integrate technology into the daily lives of citizens.

When asked what advice he had for citizens to ensure success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Minister Zhuanglong had the following to say: “It is important to understand the new technologies and use them in sensible ways. We should always be looking for ways to use technology to improve the quality of life and make our lives easier. We should also be conscious of the implications of investing in private technologies and make sure our investments are properly educated.”

The Minister’s enthusiasm for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is something that is shared throughout the industry and brings with it a call to action. By having a well-thought out action plan, China can seize the strategic opportunities offered by the new technologies and prepare the nation and its citizens for further advances.