Secure Swapping Across L1 and L2 Networks: Uniswap Labs’ Revolutionary Self-Custodial Mobile Wallet Becomes Available Through Apple Testflight!

Uniswap Labs, the well-known decentralized exchange (DEX) provider on Ethereum, has recently announced the launch of their new self-custodial mobile wallet. This revolutionary wallet will offer users the ability to swap tokens on both level-1 and level-2 networks without having to switch to a different network. The wallet will be accessible for iPhone users on TestFlight, Apple’s beta-testing platform, with a wider release expected to arrive.

Uniswap’s mobile wallet is garnering attention for its features. According to their announcement, users will be able to benefit from the wallet’s integrated charting capabilities, the ability to search tokens across multiple networks, connection to multiple web apps on different networks, samples of favourite tokens, market price and volume monitoring and notifications upon completion of transactions. As an added security measure, their seed phrases and private keys will be encrypted and stored on the device, using Apple’s secure enclave for exclusion from device backups.

Security is a priority for Uniswap. To that end, they have enlisted Trail of Bits, a well-respected crypto audit firm, to inspect the wallet. They have also allowed users the option of manually backing up their phrase via paper or encryption on iCloud.

Uniswap has faced some issues while trying to launch the app. The first version was approved by Apple in October last year, yet the final version was rejected by their App Store just a few days before the projected December launch. Since then, Uniswap Labs has written back addressing those concerns and reiterating that they are compliant with their guidelines. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to grant them permission to launch, leaving Uniswap in limbo.

As an alternative measure, Uniswap Labs has made the decision to offer early access to a few thousand users through TestFlight. This leaves the company in good stead, as it allows them to later prove to Apple that their product is safe and compliant with their requirements.

Uniswap’s mobile wallet will offer users a more secure and user-friendly way to swap tokens across the different networks without having to switch from one to the other. With the help of Apple and their peerless security, Uniswap will soon be able to launch their revolutionary self-custodial mobile wallet and provide a secure trading experience for users.