Nillion token airdrop guide

Nillion is a secure computation network that enables developers to create applications with a focus on high-value, privacy-preserving data processing by decentralizing trust similar to how blockchains decentralize transactions. They recently launched its incentivized testnet on Cosmos SDK as well as an early access NFT whitelist campaign. Participating in these campaigns can qualify you for a potential Nillion airdrop! Here is our Nillion token airdrop guide.

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Nillion Incentivized Testnet Airdrop: MASSIVE AI Privacy Solutions (TIME SENSITIVE)

What is Nillion?

Nillion is a decentralized network designed for secure computation of high-value data. Here are its main features:

  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies: Utilizes Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and other technologies to ensure data privacy.
  • Secure Data Storage: Allows users to store sensitive data on a peer-to-peer network without the need to decrypt it for computations.
  • Computation on Masked Data: Enables computations on hidden data, maintaining security while processing.
  • Diverse Applications: Supports a range of use cases, including private predictive LLMs, healthcare, password management, and trading data.

These features collectively aim to decentralize trust similar to how blockchain technology has decentralized transactions.

How to get the Nillion token airdrop

Here’s our guide on how to get the Nillion token airdrop

  1. Go to Nill Pill quest page

    Go to the Nill Pill page and click “Take the Pill”. Then, enter your ERC-20 wallet address.

  2. Watch videos and answer quizzes

    Watch the 3 short videos. These videos explain the importance of AI privacy and how Nillion will address these issues. After watching the videoes, answer the multiple-choice questions.

    Here are the answers to the Nill Pill quizzes:
    Nill Pill Quiz 1: B C A
    Nill Pill Quiz 2: B B C
    Nill Pill Quiz 3: C C B

    Note one of the questions will require you to answer in your own words.

  3. Save code

    Once you have answered the quizzes correctly, you will be provided with a code. Save the code carefully, as it will be needed for future NFT minting or whitelisting processes.

  4. Add Zillion to Keplr wallet

    Add Nillion to your Kepler wallet by visiting and searching for Nillion. Then click “manage” and the tick button to see your balance in Kepler.

  5. Claim testnet tokens

    Go to the Nillion Faucet and submit your address to claim testnet tokens. Complete the CAPTCHA to receive the tokens. It is recommended to return every 24 hours to claim more testnet tokens. However, do avoid over-spamming.

  6. Send Nillion tokens to another wallet

    Send the Nillion tokens to another wallet address. You can use any address on the Nillion Testnet Explorer. If you’d like, you can send tokens to our address at nillion1dls7x2ndtg8axzz4cx735ec9j8s0s5txta0krg. We can also send you some Nillion tokens in return.

  7. Stake Nillion

    To Stake Nillion, to go and click “Delegate”. Choose a validator to delegate your tokens to. We recommended and Lavender.Five Nodes, but any validator will work.

  8. Enter codes

    Enter the 5 codes into Terminal (for Mac users) or Command Center (for Windows users). The codes and detailed instructions can be found at  If you encounter a path error, use ChatGPT to find the correct command for your setup. Wait approximately five minutes for the Nillion SDK to download. Then enable telemetry by entering your Ethereum wallet address in the specified command. Confirm successful setup when you see tools dash config and random numbers in your terminal. Then close your terminal once the setup is complete. Alternatively, use a VPS for more advanced tasks like running a node or claiming tokens regularly from faucets.

  9. Complete Zealy quests

    Go to Nllion’s Zealy quest page and complete the tasks. Tasks include following Nillion’s social media channels.