Boxmining newsletter #18

Newsletter #18: Bitcoin prices reach all-time highs

As we near the holiday season we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holidays! Here's hoping for gifts of Bitcoin and...

Newsletter #17: Bitcoin markets choose between good and bad news

Do you want to hear the good news…or the bad news first? This has been an age old question which the Bitcoin markets had...

Newsletter #16: Ethereum 2.0 Launches successfully

Market situation: Is the $BTC sale over? This week we have witnessed a very strong Bitcoin comeback after the approx. 20% price dump. The price...

Newsletter #15

Happy Thanksgiving! We at Team Boxmining would like to give a big thank you to YOU, for your support and your presence in our...

Newsletter #14

Red flags of the week Value DeFi ($VALUE) vaults suffered $6 million flash loan exploit, similar to Harvest’s If it wasn’t for the recent Bitcoin’s...
Boxmining newsletter #13

Newsletter #13: Ethereum 2.0 Arriving in December!

ETH 2.0 is armed to launch The ETH2 deposit contract address is finally here! Although the final version of the new era for Ethereum is...
Boxmining newsletter #12

Newsletter #12

Week in review Developing story: OKEx suspends withdrawals...but is there more to this? On 16th October 2020 OKEx suddenly announced one of their private key holders...
Boxmining newsletter #11

Newsletter #11

Week in review Regulators are catching up...but who are they really protecting? The UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will be banning the sale of cryptocurrency derivatives...
Boxmining newsletter #10

Newsletter #10

Week in review "Good guy" hacker: Hacks Andre Cronje's project, returns 50% of loot Eminence Finance was a work in progress teased by Andre Cronje...

Newsletter #9

Week in review $FEW tried to profit off the backs of others Around 50 notable names in the crypto Twitter space were caught red-handed for essentially...