Mr Beast Leads the Land Rush in MetaGods’ Metaverse

World-famous YouTuber and crypto investor Mr Beast is getting ready to dominate the ownership wars in MetaGods by grabbing his own piece of land in the arenas of the gods.

Mr Beast may be known for giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars of property in the real world, but in the digital metaverse he’s already a step ahead of his gaming competitors and other investors in MetaGods.

The American entertainer and philanthropist from America was a seed investor in MetaGods alongside other big backers such as renowned tech expert and game advisor Alex Becker, and is now taking his involvement to the next level.

Excitement abounds around Mr Beast’s camp as the idea of owning digital real estate in MetaGods and benefiting directly from that ownership inches closer to reality. The ever-popular online celebrity has invested in crypto projects before, but none promise the kind of return on investment (and hours of FUN!) that MetaGods has in store.

Mr Beast, alongside Filippino actress Myrtle Sarrosa and crypto investor Joshua Abreara, are joined by several prominent gaming guilds who have also purchased their lands in MetaGods. Path DAO, PIF DAO, Avocado DAO, DUX, AMG, and CGU are some of the valuable project partners who are already landowners and have been chomping at the bit to start profiting from NFT land ownership.

Great news for GameFi gamers is that the full-scale action RPG title MetaGods is making great leaps in 2022 and will be hosting a public land sale before the end of Q1 that will make hundreds of vital land assets in their god-slaying battle game available as tradable NFTs.

Those who buy land during the public land sale will essentially be building the MetaGods landscape together, since the community that owns this sought-after land in the future will be able to connect with the guilds and Mr Beast directly as a collective force.

The land raffle will allow gamers to purchase their own lands within MetaGods for the opportunity to make even further profits and win valuable NFT loot during dungeon battles. This is extremely exciting for the MetaGods ecosystem as it represents yet another way for players to earn money passively inside the game.

Everybody who owns land in MetaGods dungeon battles has a chance to pick up dropped loot from the fallen heroes and villains who were conquered in their vicinity, spicing up the already high-stakes god battles that come with the novel implementation of NFT hero permadeath.

All would-be MetaGods champions are encouraged to follow the project’s Twitter and Telegram announcements for news about how to get involved in the upcoming land sale, and own a piece of MetaGods history and personal entitlement.

As MetaGods cuts through their development schedule at godspeed, the coming future of full-scale NFT battle action and own-to-earn passive playability is not far away!


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