Mithril (MITH) Review – rewarding content creators through the blockchain

Mithril is a decentralized ecosystem on the ethereum blockchain. It is a system that rewards users who engage in “social mining”. Mithril rewards users for the impact their content may have in viewers and the popularity it attracts, such as number of likes and views.  In the blockchain network and cryptocurrency, Mithril is a very innovative idea that aims to change the way we think about social media entirely. This particular innovation will decentralize and reward social media content creators in a fair and open way.

Key Features And Advantages Of Mithril

Mithril Reward: Mithril will get more visibility in future where content creators and web influencers that uses social media as a platform and implement Mithril will be duly rewarded. Mithril is a very rewarding cryptocurrency because it revolves around social media which is an important part of the overall life of people.

Vault Application: any Mithril mined can be sold or spent on social media apps that have adopted the cryptocurrency or it can be converted to other coins by using the Mithril Vault application. The vault proffers the statistics, options of different products and actual estimation of rewards based on the impact its contents and characteristic features.

Tokenized Connectivity: Mithril has a token called MITH, which is used to reward content creators, promote all forms of social activities on the platform and so on. The team will set up a consistent and devoted network of merchants that will help get this token into the right hands, that is, operators and clients.

How Does Mithril Work?

Mithril aims to bring back life to social media by using social power to mine and bring people closer together. While other social media platforms are out to harvest user data, Mithril aims to reward content creators instead. With the goals and ambitions of Mithril, they will need a fair share of technology to make it all work. All actions and contents provided on the platform will be rewarded and this will encourage people to use the platform frequently.

The Mithril ecosystem

It is expected that this platform will have many other different aspects. Mithril applications encompasses some features like online dating, quality content, and live streaming. In addition, it aims to make MITH a method of payment for operators and app owners. There are already trials going on with apps like Minni.

Mithril: The Blockchain Integration Protocol

The process of building a social media platform from the scratch is a long, rigorous and exhausting one. Even though blockchain based social media platforms are not new innovations, they usually cannot interact with existing platforms.

The Mithril integration protocol permits MITH mining on all social media networks. Therefore, Mithril can also leverage existing sites for their own purposes.

In addition, it permits content influencers to make use of their pre-existing followers network to mine Mithril. This acts as a big plus to the Mithril ecosystem. It requires less stress and work than establishing followers on an entirely new platform. It also helps Mithril to have an edge and a bigger pool of users. This means that, content providers only need to start making use of the Mithril integration protocol in order to make more money.

Mithril Services

The Lit Mobile App

Apart from decentralizing social media, Mithril also have their own mobile App – Lit. Lit can be downloaded on Android and iOS. It has various contents that allows those that develop and provide contents to share and get feedback. It is a rewarding system for those who have the largest view and reach.

A Medium To Mine

Mithril taps into the market by providing a means for mining to influencers. Normally, an influencer gets their money from streams and advertisers through direct contact. But with Mithril, their content creation alone will net them rewards.








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