Microsoft Joins Crypto – “Azure Heroes” will reward players with Enjin backed Non-fungible Tokens

Microsoft has just launched a new program to reward content providers directly with Ethereum blockchain based non-fungible tokens (using Enjin’s core technology). Non-fungible tokens are limited supply tokens that hold collectible value. Microsoft will reward tokens for coaching, creating demos, building sample code, blogging about Azure platform. This program is designed to be a fun way to both increase adoption of the Azure platform and also recognise the community that makes it possible. Who can say no to a cute Badger?

Microsoft Azure Heroes
Microsoft Azure Heroes’s cute Badger token

Powered by Ethereum

The new tokens will be powered by Ethereum’s decentralised smart contract platform using the ERC1155 token standard. ERC1155 tokens are created using a smart contract which defines properties like the supply of the token and how it can be traded. This means that users holding the token can know with full confidence that they are holding onto a unique item trackable on the blockchain. On top of this, token holders can list and trade on the Enjin Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure Heroes Assets on EnjinX

Enjin and Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft has partnered with Enjin as a technology provider. Enjin has been developing a platform to supporting Blockchain gaming and Non-fungible tokens.

  • Enjin Wallet – Cryptocurrency wallet to safely store cryptocurrencies, blockchain gaming assets and exchange value. For more information check our EnjinWallet review.
  • EnjinX – Blockchain explorer to view transactions and items
  • Unity Plugin – Allows game developers to directly implement and issue items in games on multiple platforms like iOS, android, PC and MacOS.
  • Marketplace – buy and list items with the safety of smart contracts that independently facilitate the trade.

Microsoft has also chosen to back the new tokens by Enjin Coin. This means the holder can choose to melt the tokens into $ENJ in case they no longer want cute and adorable badger tokens. Read more how Enjin coin works in our Enjin Guide.

Minecraft and Future Games

This pilot program only hints at what is possible, as Microsoft publishes popular games like Minecraft, Gears of War and Halo. All assets in video games, such as weapons, gear and gold can be created as Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Having this trial means Microsoft can test the reception and advantages of using blockchain gaming assets and possible deploy them in future games. Currently Enjin also makes blockchain gaming possible with Minecraft via the Enjincraft.



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