Metaverse ETP in a Nutshell

Metaverse is a leading public blockchain based in China. It’s main goal is to provide secure and user-friendly services based on blockchain technology to wide variety of people, businesses, and even government institutions.

Metaverse is similar to Ethereum and NEO in that it is a smart contract platform. However, unlike Ethereum, one does not need to be familiar with Solidity to be able to use it. Metaverse essentially allows businesses to fill out a form with what they need and the details. It markets itself as 2B2C, where using it can greatly simplify and aid in the development process. In essence, Metaverse aims to be the Chinese substitute for Ethereum where the intermediaries will be parties whose vested interest lies in the kind of transactions taking place over the public blockchain.

Ticker: ETP (Supply: 100,000,000 ETP)
Consensus: PoW+PoS

Key Features:

  • Smart Contracts – Allows for Smart Contracts
  • Security focus – Uses UTXO model

Metaverse Network

There are three main parts, or pillars of the Metaverse network.

  1. Digital Assets
    Physical assets can be digitized to enhance market efficiency and market value, whilst connected to the Internet of Value.
  2. Digital Identity
    Digital identity is an important concept for the exchange of information and assets, connecting people, companies, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  3. Value Intermediary
    Value Intermediaries are the link between the physical world and the virtual digital world. They issue smart properties on the chain, prove the linkage between physical identities and Avatars, and are the regulatory bodies that supervise transactions on Metaverse.

Real World Applications for Metaverse

They already have a number of established projects on the platform such as Zen Gold and ZenAir. Metaverse also partnered with Moscow’s based KICKICO and сrypto investment bank CyberTrust last month and together are aiming to take over the ICO market in China and Russia. Over the next year, the fund partners plan to conduct about 100 ICO projects. For the meanwhile, until Chinese authorities create a new regulatory framework, these ICOs will likely technically be based in Russia.

Key specifications

Ticker: ETP
Total Amount: 100,000,000 ETP
Allocated to system maintainers (PoW mining): 30 million ETP
Block Time: 24 seconds
Dev Language: C++
Consensus: PoW+PoS





  1. It looks like this interview was from early August, correct? Would love to hear an update from Eric, given everything that has happened since that point. Thanks!

      1. Can you make a video like your post? Your YouTube channel reaches more people. I like the interview video with Eric. But many updates since then. Love your videos by the way!

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