LiveTree ADEPT Review – Entertainment Platform for Transparent Distribution

LiveTree is an advanced social funding platform for creative projects. Projects range from fashion to art, films, music, design, games, theatre and even charitable causes. It is a UK based funding platform that was established 2 years ago and now boasts several high-profile partners including Red Rock Entertainment, The British Film Institute, Film London, the Screen Arts Institute, and 14,000 industry suppliers worldwide.

With LiveTree ADEPT, the company plans to expand on all the experience they’ve built up in the past few years and create the next generation of the platform. ADEPT stands for Advanced Decentralized Platform for Transparent distribution. The new platform aims to support projects throughout their entire life cycle, from creation through distribution to funding. Content reaches audiences via Blossom – a decentralized distribution model that is set to revolutionize how content is shared and consumed

Key Features and Advantages of LiveTree ADEPT

Production – Finding actors, talent and contracting a team can be complex and costly. ADEPT will be the first platform to build contracts for the team. These smart contracts, which can be negotiated between individuals, companies and groups, remove legal overheads, lower barriers to entry and open the door to new forms of collaboration, funding and distribution.

Financing – Professional financing is unstructured and crowdfunding leaves all the marketing to the project owner. ADEPT will introduce a system of rewards, profit sharing, and IP revenue. This will build a system of dedicated backers who also have a stake in the game.

Distribution – Beginners struggle to market their projects and build a slate. Professionals face inefficient sales processes and restricted access. Blossom TV will be a revolutionary new online channel operated by ADEPT. It will be a scalable distribution method and provide transparent gamification of the content people watch. There will be a pre-pay-to-view model combined with subscriptions, ads and pay-per-view.

LiveTree ADEPT – How it Works?

LiveTree Incubators

A portion of the funds raised through the crowdsale will be used to set up a series of incubators that will produce premium content, including documentaries, TV, film and online projects.

The goal of the Incubator program is:

  • Real-world expertise: Incubators stress tests ADEPT’s smart contracts under real-world conditions, while fostering industry collaboration, trust and transparency. Incubators provide an easy route for the global creative industry to transition to the decentralized ADEPT platform
  • Opportunity: helps creatives to develop fresh and original content, which in turn helps market and promote ADEPT
  • Seed: all projects funded through the Incubators will be transacted in Seed. This represents a potentially highly lucrative mechanism for those who own Seed to benefit from premium content directly
An overview of how the ADEPT platform will work

LiveTree Seed Token (SED)

The LiveTree ADEPT platform is supported by a digital token called Seed. Seed is designed to incentivize good behavior within the LiveTree ecosystem, give back to the platform community, and deliver potentially significant returns for those that own it. Profits generated by ADEPT are used to buy back Seed for redistribution and to burn. This is in addition to the activity built-in to the platform. The repurchase of Seed will drive the growth of the networked economy, which in turn is expected to increase the value of Seed.

Projection on how the demand for Seed will evolve as the platform matures

LiveTree Seed Token Sale / ICO Information

The LiveTree Seed token (SED) will have 256,250,000 total supply. 80% (205,000,000 SED) will be made available for the crowdsale.

  • 3.0% Allocated for Marketing
  • 0.1% Lottery (3 month vesting period)
  • 6.8% Seed Incentive Reserve (1 year vesting period)
  • 10.1% Reserved for founding team (1 year vesting period)
  • 80.0% Available for Sale

The Seed supply is fixed at issue. Any Seed that is unsold will be destroyed.

Pre-sale start date: December 1, 2017 12:00AM UTC
Pre-sale 35 million tokens
Main sale follows the pre-sale 170 million tokens
Soft cap: 10000 ETH
Hard cap: 174000 ETH

Livetree Video:


Livetree ADEPT website!/seed/





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