KingsCrown: Crypto Legend Speaks out

KingsCrown is legendary in the cryptocurrency space – starting in 2010 and constantly contributing to the space since. Recently he launched the site Financial Underground Kingdom ( with exclusive interviews and meaningful articles. Today we get to ask him some provocative questions and learn about his viewpoints on the cryptocurrency scene.

How did you learn about cryptocurrencies?

In 2010 a friend from Australia came to me saying, “Dude lets buy and mine Bitcoin we will be rich!” He gave me some BTC, set up a miner and told me to use faucet of Gavin Andresen. The faucet was giving 1 BTC or 1.5 BTC per gmail account back then. But you know what ? It was worth nothing so sometimes I was too bored to even click it. But I did get some BTC from that.

I have also mined with GPUs etc. We had some pool and poker games with BTC. Poker room got pwned by hackers, pool wasnt superb successful but I did pay. We got ie BTC for 1 USD and sold for 20 back then. Super profits right? Not many of those stayed with me till 2013 as I stopped looking at the project for over 1,5 year. And my friend, is he rich? He spent all on Silkroad in 2013 😉

So yeah we could listen to him in 2010/2011 and buy loads.. but none of us did and we sold on 1000% spike of all mighty 20 usd.

I later had shares in one of known altcoin pools which closed but states in ToS that it shares data with my cryptocurrency blog and some people were surprised they get emails from new blog calling it spam. Read ToS guys and enjoy free info on my newsletter. Anyways old days.. 2013/2014. I have been verifying email members since then for dead ones many times. Nobody needs a mailing list with people who dont read it.

Were you ever suspicious of crypto – if so what made realize the true

Not really. But back in 2011 I didnt understand why theres BTC and people make other cryptos. Like – wtf, hard to get users to initial why do you clone. First altcoins I bought in 2013 – LTC and NMC. On the BTC-E. Loved this exchange as it saved me from MTGox and other scams. Sadly it scammed me in the end when Wex died. I could pull off cash from it but after they had balls to stand against SEC/FBI I wanted to leave them some funds and not withdrawal, to give them a kick. Sadly they died and I doubt ill ever see em.

Have you ever tried to persuade you family to come into crypto?

Not at all. I do not try to make new people come to crypto as I dont want to be blamed. I only help people who are already into crypto to make more money with my free information. Theres enough money for everyone so I try to keep it free and public so scammers with paid courses and groups cannot make money of newbies. Everyone is a newbie at some point in everything.

What are you favorite cryptocurrencies (Top 5) & Why

Worth to initially mention I have probably over 300 coins/tokens but big positions and my favorites.. Of course I have that. Some coins I have as little as 0.001BTC worth of so hardly counting – well unless they pump x10000.

Litecoin is the first love. First coin I bought and its been good to me. Im also pretty close with the team. Also I love how transparent they are with replying to all hate etc. Fun fact before Segwit going on LTC I made a public bet about date of it with Xinxii one of head devs of core. He lost and paid me.  Also one of the first interviews on my crypto blog was with TheMage of LTC.

EXCL which is the oldest Proof of Stake fork od DASH. It has now a chain swap and trades on top spots like Bittrex since 2014. 5 years in the game with devs pushing code and changes, this is to be watched. Cant wait for new chain to run, depending on when this article is going to be live chain is just live or will be any second as its about a week to be done from now.

BNB, yeah the coin of Binance. You can say what you want about centralization but this coin is making huge gains, has many uses and doesnt seem to stop especially with their DEX going live. I believe BNB and their chain is a thing to follow for mad pumps.

IOTA, internet of things is the stuff. We dont know who will be the winner but this one has a big advantage over orthers, nice community, exchanges and good gains. Technology wise its not the best for IoT but I feel with some updates they will get there.

The fifth would be ETH. Not that I love it but its how it is. Its making money and has loads of products and tokens on it. Maybe EOS or TRX will overtake the spot but for now IMHO you need to have ETH if you are into crypto.

What are you’re most hated projects

Im not type of hater really as I believe everyone can find a spot in the crypto sphere. I surely dont like coins and projects that owe money to me and others – ORMEUS, Cobinhood, ANON, HitBTC, Cryptopia. ANON/ORMEUS did swap chains in scammy manners taking money from people, Cobinhood and Cryptopia are not letting withdrawals and their own tokens dumped right away. HitBTC is the least sketchy as they have high withdrawal fees and took for themselves all affiliate payouts and locked loads of wallets. Either way those 5 are on top of my hate list if we can say. Not that any of them matter, only HitBTC has some volume and money left.

Where do you use cryptocurrencies

Mostly trading but I do buy VPNs with them. For me cryptos are storage of value but not really payment option itself. Oh and of course I use them to tip others. I love this about crypto that you can easily tip someone for their work.

I also always take some BTC when traveling, you never know if theres an occasion to trade somewhere cool.

It’s the year 2025 – how do you see us using cryptocurrency / blockchain technology

Thats too much forward for me, I dont make these type of longterm predictions or plans. Im a daytrader mostly. But if its gonna keep going the way it is, loads of people will be using blockchain and not even knowing about it. We still need to distinct the two. You can use blockchain withotu cryptocurrencies. This is why I find it funny when people think adding blockchain to ie legislation things will help BTC. It wont, its a different usage. I do think by 2025 BTC may be worth over 100k USD. Yet remember how those funny prophecies speak “may be”. It means nothing. As I know nothing too. I just wish it was!

Every prediction stating “may be” with a date or “will be” without a date, makes no sense.

Bitcoin will be worth 1 million USD is my prediction. I give no date. Check in 2222. Is it worth it? Nope. Well, I said it will be, didnt say when.

What made you interested in Steemit

I knew Dan the creator of Steemit from Bitshares. He told me hes making something new. I was the first blogger to write about STEEM anywhere on my blog and ive joined it by his message. It was fresh, you could make money just by doing same posts like on Facebook etc. For long time I was even shy to post and make money but then I saw everyne posts daily, make money and it doesnt hurt anyone so ive joined. Since I already had followers of forums when im more or less followed person, my own blog.. getting noticed on Steemit was natural. Ive become one of the top authors.

What are you currently building

Im pushing my own blog and the free ebook which is often updated about passive income from crypto as much as I can. I pretty much try to get more people to know me and not get scammed by copy-cats. I help projects to market their stuff with my following and word of mouth.

I was asked few times to be exclusive for a project, but I prefer to just chose what I like and let the world know about it. Being independent is the best IMHO.

Where do you see Steem going – protocol or creator platform.

I think Steem is going to be mostly split into protocol platform. Theres more and more people creating things on the chain and the initial base of just blogging platform will shade out. We now have games on it, video portals. It will end as a huge chain of loads of dApps and Tokens like Ethereum or Bitshares but with different functions. Remember – transactions on Steem as free. Where ever it goes I will be there as despite me having blog and followers before Steem brang me to a new level. Im now close to 30k people reading my stuff.

Why are you building

Actually im doing this since long ago just kick started it lately. I had this fun domain that I didnt know what to do with. Then I made a name Financial Undgerground Kingdom and I was adding monthly predictions of which altcoins will punp. Believe it or not but I had 70-90% success rate so people started following. I were posting max 2 times a month so I have added mailing list so people can get info when I do. I speak here of 2013-2014.

So the blog was  rising. Then I got bored and stopped posts, not fully but they came 1-2 times every 2-3 months. Later ive decided I should keep blogging so I did and made the mailing list on the blog exclusive. You subscribe there you get free ebook with nice infos and nice monthly tips and tricks. Then Steemit came which gave me even more following. Now is about interviews, updated ebook about passive income from crypto and monthly private mailing with tips and predictions. So even if you follow me everywhere you wont get everything I share If you are not on the newsletter of FUK.IO. I have over 10 000 email followers there and I used to have 22 000 on a spike but after clearing and checks trought years it shrink in size.

What is the weirdest thing you every bought with crypto

I dont do drugs im a beer guy. So pretty much nothing. At this point I dont really use crypto as a payment processor, rather value keeper or trading asset. During all those years I bought bitcoin miners from butterfly labs, then for KNC and then some VPN or domains. Never bought any other things. Btw those Butterfly miners came delayed etc but still made money.


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