Joseph Tsai and Alibaba Ride the Wave of Crypto Innovation with Multichain NFT Adventure in China

The global giant of technology, Alibaba, recently announced a change of leadership that could be indicative of a shift in the company’s strategy. Long-time executive vice chair of the Chinese tech behemoth, Joseph Tsai, will be replacing Daniel Zhang as the entity’s new Chairman, effective from September 10.

Joseph Tsai’s Cryptocurrency Investments and Blue Pool Capital’s Involvement

Tsai, a Taiwanese-Canadian billionaire, invests in cryptocurrencies and is linked to Blue Pool Capital, managing his wealth. Sources have revealed that Blue Pool Capital participated in two of the funding rounds of the crypto exchange FTX, and, more recently, has been involved with Polygon’s $450 million funding round in February, as well as Web3 firm, Artifact Labs.

Eddie Yongming Wu, chair of Taobao and Tmall Group, will replace Zhang as Alibaba CEO and board member. Alibaba is one of China’s largest companies, with a market capitalization of over $225 billion, joining Tencent and others.

Moreover, Joseph Tsai expressed anticipation for collaborating with Eddie to ignite the next phase of growth through technology and innovation. Lastly, Wu emphasized Alibaba’s goal to become a leading enterprise in technology and digital transformation.

China’s Mixed Crypto History

China has had a complex history with crypto and blockchain. The country’s reputation for cracking down on mining firms and causing them to relocate to foreign jurisdictions is well-known. However, there have also been numerous trials of a digital yuan, driven by the People’s Bank of China.

Regulations on NFTs in the country remain unclear, but Alibaba strives to uphold its position in the space. Lastly, In 2021, a copyright trading NFT marketplace was created. Alibaba’s cloud unit briefly had an NFT solution.


Joseph Tsai’s involvement as Alibaba Chairman suggests expectations for imminent cryptocurrency and blockchain legislation shifts. Joseph Tsai’s investments showcase his enthusiasm for the sector, potentially setting a benchmark for crypto innovation in China and globally. Alibaba’s dedication to integrating new technology into its platform will play a crucial role in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape. (

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