India Welcomes ‘Lisa,’ its First Regional AI News Anchor!

Odisha TV has unveiled India's first regional AI news anchor, "Lisa", who can converse in multiple languages, including Odia and English, to facilitate easier communication.

Odisha Television has made history by launching India’s first regional AI news anchor, “Lisa.” She is capable of speaking multiple languages, including Odia and English, and the station is working to enhance her interactive skills. This groundbreaking moment in TV broadcasting and journalism has the potential to revolutionize the industry, making it easier for viewers to communicate with the AI anchor. This AI news anchor introduction marks a significant milestone for the AI industry, and Odisha TV is leading the way in this new era of broadcasting.

OTV introduces Lisa, an AI news anchor capable of speaking multiple languages

Odisha Television (OTV) has introduced Lisa, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) news anchor, to its viewers. She is capable of speaking multiple languages, including Odia, English, and others. OTV has acknowledged the challenge of training Lisa in the Odia language and is working to further enhance her proficiency. The ultimate goal is to develop her interactive skills, enabling her to communicate seamlessly with others. Viewers can connect with Lisa on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Lisa, the first AI news anchor in Odisha, represents a historic milestone for OTV and the region’s media industry.

Lisa is a multilingual AI news anchor that can present news in different regional contexts. This development follows the introduction of Sana, another AI news anchor from the India Today Group, in March. Lisa and Sona, AI news anchors, are transforming media with engaging presentations in multiple languages. AI in media takes a leap with the introduction of AI-powered news anchors, offering new possibilities for news presentations.

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