ICOAge: Chinese ICO platform suspends operations

ICOage, a popular chinese ICO platform that hosted projects such as Delphy and Indorse has suspended its operations today. ICOage is backed by famous cryptocurrency investor Li XiaoLai. XiaoLai also has ties to OKex and other cryptocurrency exchanges. All upcoming ICOs has been temporarily suspended, and this following notice was placed on their website:

ICOage operations suspended

China’s cryptocurrency Exchange Ban

The closure of ICOage is seen as part of a wide scale operation to ban cryptocurrency exchanges in china.

This suspension is voluntary and doesn’t affect the ICOs that have already been completed – the will continue as normal and contributors will be able to collect their tokens. However, upcoming ICOs have all been removed and they are no longer accepting any ICO applications. This is the second ICO platform to suspend its operations, the first being ICOINFO. Currently, it is unknown the duration of this suspension.

I’ve been involved in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space since 2012. Something I notice right away is that accurate factual information is hard to come by in this space. More often than not, we find extremely biased information that exploit the complexity of blockchain to obscure facts. The objective of this site is simple – to provide independent insights into the blockchain space.



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