IBM and Adobe Strengthen Partnership to Drive Next-Generation AI Adoption

IBM and Adobe have joined forces to leverage AI and help brands streamline their content supply chains for greater efficiency.

IBM and Adobe have announced an expanded partnership to help brands accelerate their content supply chains with next-generation AI. Leveraging Adobe Sensei GenAI services and Adobe Firefly (in beta), the partnership aims to build an integrated content supply chain ecosystem that drives collaboration, optimizes creativity, increases speed, automates tasks, and enhances stakeholders’ visibility. This will enable brands to create, manage, and deliver content more efficiently and provide stakeholders with greater visibility. The partnership will help brands to stay ahead of the competition and deliver content faster and more efficiently.

Adobe and IBM Partnership to Enhance Enterprise Creativity with Generative AI

Adobe and IBM have partnered to provide enterprise customers with access to IBM Consulting experts and their 21,000 consultants. Moreover, experts will assist customers in implementing generative AI models for design and creativity using services like Firefly and Sensei GenAI. These services are embedded across Adobe’s enterprise applications and can help marketers simplify their workflows to increase productivity. Furthermore, the partnership equips enterprise customers with tools and resources for optimizing creative and marketing processes effectively.

Enabling Personalized Experiences and Creative Possibilities for Brands

IBM and Adobe have announced an expansion of their strategic partnership to help brands create more personalized customer experiences. The partnership merges IBM’s experience design with Adobe’s AI-powered Content Supply Chain for seamless personalized experiences. The collaboration will also prioritize the construction of AI systems based on trust and transparency principles, aiming to uphold brand consistency and integrity. Lastly, The partnership enables brands to deliver personalized experiences, unlocking creative possibilities and improving business decisions.

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