How Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Are Bouncing Back After the Fed’s Rate Hike

The market’s environment for digital currencies changed drastically this week, as Bitcoin (BTC) prices recovered from a post rate hike dip and numerous other digital assets achieved higher highs. This recovery was driven in part by the Federal Reserve’s increased interest rates, as well as by U.S. banking crises, causing investors to jump back into the crypto market.

MadLads NFTs: Solana’s Stable SOL Token Price Amidst FOMC Rate Decision Bitcoin Boom

The popular MadLads NFT collection managed to make a splash in April with its JPEGs on the blockchain. Though activity in the Solana NFT space has seen a decline in sales and transactions compared to Ethereum, the SOL token price has held stable.

The Wednesday FOMC rate decision saw cryptocurrency trading volumes rise. Bitcoin traded around $23,500, up 40 percent year-to-date fueled by inflation, economic data and increasing investor confidence. Ethereum and other major cryptos followed in its wake, such as APT and OPT tokens. On Thursday, $32 billion in bitcoin was traded, around 20 percent higher than the day before.

U.S. Banking Crisis: Crypto Ecosystem Vindication and MadLads NFT Fever Settling

Victoria Bills, Chief Strategist at Banrion Capital, noted that ongoing banking crises in the US are counteracting the Fed’s ongoing interest rate hikes.

“As panic and market reactivity increase, perceptions of failure within the banking sector could lead to the ongoing turmoil in regional banks,” she said.

In April, J.P. Morgan concluded that this banking crisis is a “vindication for the crypto ecosystem.”

“The U.S. banking crisis and the intense shift in U.S. bank deposits to U.S. money market funds are viewed by crypto supporters as a vindication of the crypto ecosystem,” outlined in a report. Analysts argue that the crisis “exposed the weaknesses of the traditional financial system given bank’s maturity mismatch is susceptible to bank runs.”

While the NFT fever seems to be settling, interest in the MadLads mint has been higher than the other collections in Solana’s history. According to Nansen data, the volume from Madlads has been declining slowly but steadily in the last month, yet that is nothing extraordinary.

Crypto Markets Heading North: Optimism Rising Despite Bank Failures

The good news is that the price of SOL token has not moved much. It is only down 2 percent over the last month, trading at over $22 according to market data. All eyes will be on Friday’s US employment numbers to see if it will have any further impact on the price of cryptocurrency But with the likelihood of another bank failure looming, that could very well drive up crypto prices.

As the macroeconomic picture continues to settle, investors’ optimism is on the rise, hinting of crypto markets that are heading north in the near future. The fate of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, may hinge upon the magnitude of the next fed rate hikes and the growing faith in the renewable sourced of money.

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