Hacken (HKN) the White Hat Hackers Crypto Community

Hacken platform specializes in developing various Ethereum-based cyber security products. All projects become combined into an integrated system designed to accommodate modern and trending technologies.

Hacken’s training program nurtures young talents to utilize their skills for ethical purposes. As a new generation of crypto products, the platform offers more than cyber solutions to the world. Freelancers have an opportunity to earn with Hacken by hunting bugs and getting a reward for their efforts.

The cybersecurity hub extends a wide range of cyber products and services to all clients including small businesses, ICOs, start-ups, and large companies.

They are highly armed with global experts and world-leading partners like Fenbushi Capital, Vechain, Krowd Mentor, Tokenator, and Cryptonomos among others.

Hacken’s top executive team has decorated members with massive experience and high training. Among them includes the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dmytro Budorin whose expertise ranges from military defense to advanced accounting. He has worked eight years for Deloitte Limited doing audits, managing various projects and implementing ERP. The award-winning professional has vast military connections and is responsible for all managerial decisions and strategic goals at Hacken.

Mykyta Knysh is the company’s Chief Cybersecurity Officer (CCO) with extensive knowledge regarding cyber protection and training across multiple governments. Dr. Yegor Aushev comes highly recommended as a Business Development Director and a scientific genius.

The Hacken community serves clients with precise and updated materials as well as innovative models that accommodate real-time information. Their advanced algorithms and predictive cryptosystems aim at identifying and eliminating threats. They also prevent attacks or cyber threats that terrorize investors.

Products and Services

The Hacken platform boasts itself for distributing personalized security solutions across the globe. They send highly trained teams to assist users in navigating the internet without hackers’ threats. Among the services rendered include Anti-phishing bot which blocks and shuts down fraudulent sites, emails, accounts, etc. It comes in three packages under free, standard, and premium toolkits. Each has a set of functions accessible to clients based on value.

The Free Tool Kit welcomes new members while gathering wallet details. Both the standard and premium packages come at a higher price, but the former has two free functions to offer.

The Hacken hub also carries outsmart contracts audit to validate and approve a transaction before processing it on the blockchain.

Hacken’s Bug Bounty service provides sophisticated programs to detect and prevent bugs. For every product, the platform charges 30% where 15% goes to the website development. The responsible teams spend unlimited time not only making the hub profitable but a friendly yet competitive zone with top-notch cybersecurity measures.


The decentralized bug bounty platform comes with highly qualified bug hunters and an impressive client base. The program attracts cyber specialists who get rewards for detecting vulnerabilities and reporting them upfront. Information gathered is represented instantly accompanied by various solutions to prevent bugs.

Hacken community believes that preventing cyber-attacks is better than dealing with them since early predictions secure good returns on investment. It is a smart strategy employed by successful companies to minimize risks and maximize profits. HackenProof sources hunters globally and as such, their clients have vast options as well as diverse approaches at their disposal. (idealhealth123.com)

HackIT Conference

The company’s top management team founded the HackIT conference program which hosts universal tech experts from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The event usually happens at in Kyiv, Ukraine and from 8th to 11th October, people across more than six countries will gather for an exceptional presentation. It is among the most exciting activities organized by the Hacken community where clients and participants interact with great minds. The social gathering brings tech developers and security experts together to showcase their skills and network.

The conference gathers various people including white hat hackers, crypto-oriented investors, top global executives and leading industries, blockchain developers, and reputable tech bloggers like me.

You get to meet world-leading smart contract auditors as well. For years, Hacken has provided practical exhibitions during HackIT conference accompanied by various innovative ideas and strategic approaches beneficial to all businesses. The upcoming event will have some of the most influential speakers such as Peter Todd, John Graham-Cumming, Mike Boxmining, and Sumit Dhoopar among others. Steve Wozniak was among last year’s speaker as well as Yasser Ali, Ryan Lackey, Philip R. Zimmermann, Alex Brennen, and Ebrahem Hegazy.

Hacken Rating

The platform offers a unique rating service with precise crypto-exchange analytics and real-time public opinions for smart investment strategies. Selecting a suitable cryptocurrency among hundreds of providers can be challenging, but Hacken’s comprehensive package sources information from diverse risk dimensions essential for decision making.

Among the assessed aspects include liquidity, arbitrage trading, quotation transparency, actual public ratings, sustainability, and security measures among others. They serve clients with daily updates and an encompassing data analysis accompanied by useful decision-making tools. Their SEO review stands at 94 points out of 100 due to the platform’s excellent marketing presentation.


As the first custom-tailored platform, Hacken represents the new generation system that reconciles blockchains and cybersecurity communities. They promote ethical hacking and encourage extensive tech research under highly trained and experienced executives. Trainees and active team members have a friendly environment for nurturing young talents and creating new products respectively.