Google’s Vertex AI Now Available for Generative AI Support

Google's Vertex AI platform now offers developers access to its generative AI support, including PaLM 2, Imagen and Codey, to create multi-turn chat experiences, semantic search and recommendation engines.

Google announced today that its generative AI support in Vertex AI, the company’s machine learning platform, is now generally available. Vertex AI offers developers access to Google’s models like PaLM 2, Imagen, and Codey, which can be used to generate and classify text, build multi-turn chat experiences, and create text embedding APIs for tasks like semantic search and recommendation engines. These models are available as part of the Vertex AI “Model Garden” and the low-code Generative AI Studio, providing the enterprise-ready foundation and task-specific models. With Vertex AI, developers can create powerful AI applications quickly and easily.

Google Expands Model Garden with Codey and PaLM for Chat

Google is adding new capabilities to its Model Garden, a collection of machine learning models, in Mountain View. The new capabilities include Codey, a model for code completion, and PaLM for Chat, a model for natural language processing. These models are available to customers and partners at the Google Cloud Executive Forum. Google’s Model Garden provides a platform for developers to experiment with machine learning models and create innovative applications. Moreover, the new capabilities enable developers to create powerful applications that understand natural language and automate code completion.

Google Forms Partnerships to Expand AI Tools and Capabilities

Google has announced a number of partnerships with companies leveraging its AI tools, such as Codey, Vertex AI, and Typeface. GitLab uses Codey for vulnerability explanation, Canva employs Vertex AI’s translation, and Typeface leverages Google’s large language models. DataStax’s Astra DB on Google Cloud enables AI models to use vector search for long-term memory. Google’s partnerships reflect its dedication to offering robust AI tools to empower partners in delivering innovative solutions to customers.

Neo4j Partners with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI for Advanced Knowledge Graph Integration

Neo4j, a graph database, has announced a new integration with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI. This integration will enable users to transform unstructured data into knowledge graphs, which can be queried using natural language. In addition, Vertex AI enriches real-time knowledge graphs and validates large language model responses against enterprise knowledge graphs. Twilio is exploring new Vertex-powered features, such as personalized recommendations for contact center agents and automated call summaries. Furthermore, his integration will help businesses make better use of their data and improve customer experience.

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