DropDeck Review – Royalty & Debt Financing Platform

DropDeck is shaping the most innovative solution to address​ ​funding​ ​for startups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). They do this by issuing digital tokens and deploying smart contracts to incentivize all token holders to collaborate with each other and complement ​A.I.​ ​development​.

Key Features and Advantages of DropDeck

Fast and Efficient Screening of Companies

  • FUNNEL DESIGN – Information is arranged in order of importance. There are 3 layers of increasing details – Home, Deck, and Claim. Funders can quickly make decisions based on what matters the most to them before deciding to spend time on more details or not.
  • TRUST CIRCLE – Users can add trustworthy people to their Trust Circle and rate their trustworthiness accurately. This leads to more and more accurate evaluation results and rankings of companies fundraising on the DropDeck platform.

Protect and Minimize Risk

  • LIBERAL SCORING – Trust scores and Potential scores are based on incentive-guided behavior and immutable information across the platform and the internet, uncovering telltale hidden patterns.
  • SCORE VERIFICATION – Users can pay to see hidden details behind a score – all kinds of data and metadata the score is based on, contributed by whom, and from which sources. The users who have contributed to the pay-to-see details are rewarded instantly.

DropDeck – How Does it Work?

  • Fundraising companies are evaluated and ranked so that funders can put their money to the fastest growing companies.
  • Funders can “contribute” (royalty financing) or “lend” (debt financing) tokens to fundraising companies in a fast, reliable and secure way.
  • All participants in the funding ecosystem have financial incentives to help funders get rewarded. This creates a positive feedback loop, so that funders can keep funding and attract more funders to join.
How the DropDeck process to fund startups and SMEs works

Decentralized DropDeck Token (DDD) and ICO Information

The DDD token will have four main uses:

  1. Contribute or lend to potential companies – quickly and safely send funds to companies. Funders’ tokens are held until all smart contract requirements are met.
  2. Use to acquire score verification – investors pay to see the evidence of scores – data used for
    scoring people and companies on DropDeck.
  3. Pay for premium features – allows users to achieve goals faster. There are many premium features that are planned and have been validated and they will be rolled out one by one. At each step token holders can vote for features they want the most.
  4. Rewards – acts as the ultimate reward for participants in the incentive ecosystem. Evaluators, Hunters, Delegates, and more can all earn rewards.

Token sale start date and time(UTC): November 21th, 2017 13:00 Greenwich time
Token sale end date and time (UTC): December 21th, 2017, or 7 days after the soft cap is reached, or when the hard cap is reached.
Minimum raise for token distribution: 29,999 ETH
Maximum or hard cap: 99,999 ETH
Number of tokens for distribution: 1,600,000,000 DDD (at max)
Total number of tokens: 3,800,000,000 DDD (Unsold/Unappropriated tokens are burned after allocation)

DropDeck Review

by BoxMining

Score: 6.5/10


Website https://dropdeck.io/

Whitepaper https://bit.ly/DDWPver2

Blog https://medium.com/dropdeck

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