Decoding Hong Kong’s Cryptocurrency Landscape: China’s Position and Insights from Experts

Hong Kong's recent approval of digital asset trading for individual investors has raised questions about whether China has changed its stance on cryptocurrencies and embraced Web3 and Bitcoin.

China has long been known for its tough stance on cryptocurrency, but Hong Kong’s recent approval of digital asset trading for individual investors suggests that the country may be embracing Web3 and Bitcoin. This move could make Hong Kong a center for cryptocurrency activity and could signal a shift in China’s attitude towards digital assets. The Chinese government’s silence on the matter implies a possible shift towards a more open stance on cryptocurrencies. The impact of China’s position in the cryptocurrency industry is unclear, but the country is actively increasing its participation.

Sean Lee’s Perspective: China’s Position Still Far from Embracing Cryptocurrencies

Speculation has emerged that China is becoming more crypto-friendly, although this claim is subject to debate. However, Sean Lee, Co-Founder of Odsy Network and a senior advisor at the Crypto Council for Innovation, disputes this notion. He dismisses the speculation and argues that a recent government whitepaper on Web3 doesn’t support crypto-friendly policies. He believes that China is still far from embracing cryptocurrencies. (

Influence of Hong Kong: Potential for China’s Embrace of Digital Assets

China has implemented some of the world’s strictest regulations on cryptocurrencies, banning digital asset trading and mining in 2021. However, Hong Kong has strict regulations requiring crypto companies to register and comply with the SFC. Justin Sun, Huobi advisor, believes China could embrace digital assets due to its influence on Hong Kong. SFC regulations compel crypto companies to register and comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing requirements. China’s stance on digital assets is uncertain, but the SFC regulations in Hong Kong indicate a positive direction.

Involvement of Institutional Players: A Catalyst for Crypto Industry Revolution

Sean Lee, Odsy Network co-founder, sees Hong Kong’s crypto embrace as an experimental platform for China’s innovation exploration. He believes the decision will attract cryptocurrency investments, benefiting the city, and continent, and involving institutional players. Lee believes that the development of products sellable to retail investors by major entities can revolutionize the industry.

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