CSX to Strike the Goal with Swiss Women’s National Team NFT Collection!

As the World Cup is currently in full swing, crypto sports bettors are putting their money into tokens named after their favorite teams. But aside from the excitement that comes with betting tokens, cryptocurrency is being embraced in the world of sports in a much more meaningful way. Credit Suisse‘s CSX is partnering with the SFA to release an NFT collection celebrating the Swiss Women’s National Team. The 756 NFTs, minted on the Ethereum blockchain, will feature a series of digital portraits of each team member. All proceeds from the collection will be donated to the team and other organizations dedicated to empowering female football players.

Funds Allocation for Women’s National Team and Girls’ Football Projects

The token collection will be on sale from July 11, with packages ranging from $167 to $11,000. Moreover, Each package includes perks like physical artwork, a meet and greet with players, and a signed jersey.

Sandra Caviezel, the head of partnerships and sponsorship at Credit Suisse, is spearheading the project. Speaking about it in a press release, Caviezel stated, “These funds will, on the one hand, provide direct support to the women’s national team. On the other hand, they will be used for girls’ football projects and are thus earmarked for the promotion of young talent.” The intersection of sports and NFTs continues to grow as more mainstream brands and teams embrace the new Web3 economy. FC Barcelona partnered with World of Women to release a digital artwork honoring Alexia Putellas, the star player.

Sotheby’s Acquisition of the NFT for Nearly $700,000


The “Empowerment” collection by artist Rhi Madeline was auctioned on OpenSea, featuring artworks related to women’s empowerment. The owner of the NFT was provided with various FC Barcelona benefits. These benefits include signed cleats, a chair from Barcelona Stadium, and a portrait of Putellas by Oscar Tusquets. In 2022, FC Barcelona released its first NFT collection, “In a Way, Immortal,” featuring football legend Johan Cruyff. Furthermore, Auction house Sotheby’s acquired the NFT through purchase for nearly $700,000.

CSX’s NFT Collection: Mainstream Adoption of Web3 in Sports

CSX’s NFT collection is a significant milestone in the mainstream adoption of Web3 in sports. The collection promises benefits to everyone involved. Moreover, the beneficiaries of the NFT collection include the Swiss Women’s National Team, young talent, and collectors. Sandra Caviezel expressed excitement about using NFTs to support women’s football growth in Switzerland. Lastly, CSX and the SFA’s efforts will help the Swiss women’s national team achieve their NFT collection goal.

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