Contract Compare

Comparison table of Genesis Mining Contracts

The following table is a comparison between all the mining contracts provided by Genesis-Mining. For comparison purposes, all the contracts assume a $100 dollar investment.

Key Figures:

  • Yield – possible return on investment (ROI) after a 2-year period.*
  • Return per month – the estimated monthly return in USD.
  • Payback period – the amount of time it takes before the initial investment has been recovered.

*Updated May 2017, values of the cryptocurrencies and mining difficulty are prone to change. This 

Genesis Mining Contract Comparison Table
Comparison of Genesis Mining Contracts (Click to englarge)


  1. The Table does not take into account changes in currency value or mining difficulty
  2. This Table is an estimate and should not be considered investment advice. Cloud mining contains huge risks and should be regarded as a fun activity and not an investment.
  3. Bitcoin Mining can last longer than 2 years, however, future returns might be very low due to maintenance fees.