How to Claim your free HIVE (STEEM Users)

Hive has grown tremendously in value, especially after a recent listing on the Binance exchange. It’s currently sitting at $0.91 USD with huge amount of community interest in hive and what it the platform can do. Something that might also interest you is that if you previously held a STEEM account, you’re eligible to claim hive tokens. Since HIVE is a fork of STEEM, it’s a direct clone of your account – with the exact same posts, balances and reputation. You’ll be able to send and receive HIVE just as you did with Steem (remember to attach a memo when you send to exchanges!)

Claim Your HIVE

Claiming Hive is extremely easy, you just need to log into with your steem account username and posting key. We’ve found to be the one most similar to the original portal and interface.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Claim HIVE from your Steem account

  1. Go to is very similar to the original portal.

  2. Login using your STEEM account name and password

    Your HIVE account will have the SAME account name and password. Login using your username and posting key (don’t use active key)

  3. Head over to your account wallet

    Now you’re in your HIVE account – it’s exactly a clone of your Steem account with the same posts, balance and features.
    On the top left hand corner, click your account profile and select wallet in the sub catagory

  4. Ready to Send and Recieve

    Now you’re ready to send and receive HIVE. Hive Wallet Interface

Hive or STEEM?

Hive was created from the original STEEM community that objected to the sale of the platform to Justin Sun of Tron. Many viewed the sale of the social platform by Ned Scott as a betrayal of the original decentralized values of STEEM.

See you in HIVE

We definitely think it’s worthwhile to check out HIVE, especially if you can claim the free tokens. HIVE team already has a huge community of developers, including those originally on the STEEM team. The added bonus is that the STEEM foundation tokens are no longer an issue on the HIVE platform, so there is more room for community growth. You can even try out the extended ecosystem such as and 3Speak.

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