China’s Potential Stimulus Package: A New Bull Narrative for Bitcoin and Crypto?

The Chinese government's potential stimulus package could be a major boon for the crypto market, as it could lead to increased investment and adoption of cryptocurrencies, following Hong Kong's move to open up cryptocurrency trading to retail investors.

China is considering a major stimulus package to help kickstart its economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic. This news has been seen as a bullish narrative for the Bitcoin and crypto market, as renowned expert Lex Moskovski suggested that the Chinese shimmies could go directly into “unregistered securities”, a reference to the classification of altcoins by SEC chairman Gary Gensler. The news comes shortly after Hong Kong opened up cryptocurrency trading to retail investors, further boosting the crypto market. This potential stimulus package could be a major boost for the crypto market, as it could lead to increased investment and adoption of cryptocurrencies.

China Considers a Stimulus Package

China is reportedly planning comprehensive stimulus package measures to revive its second-largest economy. The stimulus package includes measures to support real estate and domestic demand, focusing on the struggling real estate market. Chinese regulators seek to lower mortgage costs and increase policy bank lending to facilitate prompt home delivery. The stimulus package is anticipated to serve as a stimulus for the economy and offer assistance to individuals and businesses impacted by the economic downturn.

The PBOC is reportedly considering an economic stimulus plan to aid in the recovery from the pandemic. The reported components of the plan include tax cuts, increased spending on infrastructure projects, and the potential for interest rate cuts. The State Council may discuss the measures this Friday, but the timing of their announcement and implementation remains uncertain. The finalization of the stimulus plan is still underway, and it remains subject to potential changes. If enacted, the plan could boost China’s economy and offer relief to those impacted by the pandemic.

How Might The Package Affect Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin and Ethereum?

China’s stimulus plans could benefit Bitcoin and the crypto market due to the measures aimed at economic stimulation. Hong Kong’s recent opening on June 1st has sparked interest in cryptocurrencies, serving as a gateway for Chinese investors. The expected impact of the “China effect” on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has faced delays due to the sluggish registration process of exchanges. Investors may welcome, but its impact on Bitcoin and crypto depends on specific stimulus package details.

US stimulus checks of $1,200 had a measurable impact on Bitcoin, increasing overall trading volumes by 3.8%. NewsBTC Chief Analyst Tony “The Bull” suggests China may see Bitcoin price surges before the monetary stimulus. With the US CPI release today, the Bitcoin price currently stands at $26.226. China’s monetary stimulus could potentially boost Bitcoin trading volumes and prices in the market.

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