China CCTV Launches World’s First Yangbo Yuanshan Temple Fair on New Years

To embrace the dawn of a new year, China Central Radio and Television launched the world’s first Yuanshan Temple Fair on New Year’s Eve, “Yangbo New Year’s Cloud Temple Fair”. With its abundant offerings of interactive experiences and more than a hundred classic and modern Chinese culture, this is an unparalleled deep dive into the fun and wonders of Chinese culture.
China CCTV Launches World’s First Yangbo Yuanshan Temple Fair on New Years

This year, China is getting ready to welcome the Lunar New Year in style with the launch of the Yangbo Yuanshan Temple Fair, a national digital event hosted jointly by the country’s leading digital platform China Central Radio and Television Terminal and its “Yangbo” platform. From the first day of the first month to the fifteenth day of the first month, the Yuanshan Temple Fair hopes to celebrate digital culture and Chinese traditional culture, while also ushering in the Year of the Ox with festive interactive experiences.

The Yangbo Yuanshan Temple Fair is said to be the world’s first digital temple fair with a clear aim to follow today’s development trajectory while also highlighting the nation’s grand heritage. The virtual space of the fair looks to combine national style elements, from the ancient lanterns of the East to the modern scientific elements of fireworks and neon lights, a sublime combination of culture and technology to create a strong atmosphere for the Spring Festival.

To make this happen, China Central Radio and Television are teamed up with a variety of partners, such as renowned Chinese calligraphers Sun Xiaoyun and Zhang Xu to host some of their best works as well as blessing of words from the masters. Also, online art collaborations are made between the virtual temple fair and cultural institutions such as the Digital Culture and Art Museum in China, combining the talents of digital artists with traditional elements, including the five rabbits of the Yangbo, inspired by cultural relics such as “Thousands of Rivers and Mountains” and Western Zhou Rabbit Zun. Additionally, partners such as the Chinese Digitalize Non-Heritage Folk Culture Foundation (Kyushu Tong Park) are also joining in the celebration with ambitious plans to showcase the achievements of Chinese digitalized culture and empower national brands and local cultural travel.

Apart from the temple fair, China Central Radio and Television have also been busy establishing a 10 billion RMB fund devoted to the media industry and engaging in blockchain applications, while being a vocal supporter against virtual currency scams worth up to 40 billion. With the construction of the metaverse Xunfeng World in the gaming world, and the dark horses in blockchain-based entertainment such as Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda making bold announcements in the entertainment realm, it’s fair to say that this Spring Festival, East Asia’s digital space will among the most exciting places in the world.

In parallel, authorities in the Hainan province have announced plans to increase oversight on the non-fungible token (NFT) space as a part of the digital economy and to stomp out related fraud. Meanwhile, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has shared its plans to develop a QR code-based transaction system for its digital yuan CBDC program in order to interconnect and make payments more user-friendly.

All things considered, this year looks to be an extraordinary year with abundant benefits coming from the Yangbo Yuanshan Temple Fair and the digital economy initiatives being implemented in China. Perhaps this will be the year when the country takes a big leap towards the center stage in digital innovation and culture.