China Capitalizes on US Crypto Crackdown for Digital Finance Control

Hong Kong, China's special administrative region, is leveraging its unique position to become a leader in digital finance and blockchain networks.

China is in a strong position to dominate the future of money and finance, thanks to its special administrative region in Hong Kong and its multi-pronged approach to crypto. Beijing has banned crypto for retail use but is actively developing its own blockchain networks and central bank digital currencies (CBDC), giving the state unprecedented control over digital finance within its borders. More nations are trading with China in yuan instead of the US dollar, even internationally. China’s strategy positions it for a competitive advantage in shaping the future of global finance and currency.

Hong Kong is a major player in global digital asset markets, with Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin issuer, based there. Regulators in the region support banking services for crypto exchanges, unlike the US and UK banks. Beijing’s move helps Hong Kong establish a presence in the digital asset markets and strengthens its financial position.

China and Hong Kong at the Forefront of the Crypto Race

China and Hong Kong lead the crypto race, with HSBC offering clients access to Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs. HKVAC, the Hong Kong rating agency, has introduced a virtual asset index, expanding the selection of tradable crypto assets. China is betting on crypto to disrupt money and finance, and American regulators are playing into its hands. Japan and Singapore are competing to establish themselves as crypto hubs, solidifying the region’s role in the global market. The growing number of crypto offerings positions the region as a significant hub for trading and investments.

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