ChatGPT: Get Early Access to Microsoft’s Voice-Enabled Search

Microsoft has integrated Bing search and Edge browser on iOS and Android devices with ChatGPT, allowing users to enjoy AI search and voice features on their mobile devices.

Microsoft has released voice input capabilities for its Edge browser on both desktop and mobile versions. The new Bing can be summoned with the same usage. However, due to the high demand, users must queue up to apply for a trial. Microsoft has reported that more than 1 million people from 169 countries and regions have been released for trial since the desktop version was launched. Bing is limited to 60 questions per person per day and each conversation can only last up to 6 rounds. When asked questions about “feelings” or its internal alias “Sydney”, Bing will refuse to answer and immediately end the conversation. This was demonstrated when a PBS reporter asked Bing how it felt to be a search engine, to which Bing replied that it did not want to continue the conversation.

Microsoft has released an update to its Skype chat app, adding Bing, Edge, and ChatGPT to the platform. ChatGPT is a new game play feature that allows users to @Bing in their conversations to get suggestions. This is especially useful when discussing topics such as travel, as users can get quick and accurate answers to their questions. The update also includes voice summoning, making it even easier to get the information you need. With this update, Microsoft is making it easier for users to get the answers they need quickly and accurately.

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