ChatGPT: AI Track Recovery

As AI-generated e-books become more prevalent, authors are increasingly worried about the potential for low-quality books to flood the market and threaten their livelihoods.

ChatGPT has become increasingly popular recently, with Internet tycoon Wang Huiwen announcing plans to invest 50 million US dollars into the game. However, an investor in the hard technology track told the “Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily” that there has been no action taken by investors in response to this wave of AI fever in ChatGPT. Another investor in the south said that any track cannot be achieved overnight and that investment is a long-term thing. Investors should not judge AI with a single stick or push it to the sky because of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has made the AI track popular again, but hard technology investors believe that there is nothing new to invest in the field of AI. Start-up companies are not able to compete with big companies due to the high cost of building a computing center for ChatGPT-like projects. However, startups can still engage in research and development of related AI scenarios on the basis of large models that are open-sourced and more and more infrastructure-oriented. The largest application of AI in industry is still to replace people and do complicated and repetitive work to improve efficiency. VC institutions have invested a lot in industrial AI in the past, but the subdivision scenarios of concern are different.

The investor believes that the current wave of AI fever has not made AI smarter, but has only expanded the data model, allowing AI to generate and produce the AIGC track. However, the real payment demand downstream is debatable, as AI automatic choreography, AI painting, and AI scripts are all highly competitive and free. Additionally, AI painting may reduce the value of traditional artistic creation. Furthermore, the hardware investment in the metaverse, AR/VR, etc. is difficult to wear lightly on the body, coupled with the purchase threshold, making it difficult for start-up companies to get out of the profit dilemma. Therefore, the investor believes that there is currently nothing to vote for in this wave of AI being hyped by ChatGPT.

AI has been a hot topic in the tech world for the past few years, and while some investors have made money from it, others have lost money. However, the AI track has not completely disappeared and there are still some funds in the market that are paying attention and investing in the field. ByteDance recently invested in Lu Qi, a well-known entrepreneurial incubator in the United States, which has been increasing its focus on the AI track. This has led to a surge in the field of content output represented by AIGC, with many entrepreneurial fields emerging. This year is expected to bring a lot of financing opportunities in the AI field, as where there is entrepreneurship, there will be financing.

AI paintings have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many investors eager to invest in the field. However, some investors have expressed concerns about the potential for bubbles in the AI painting market due to the high cost of investment and the slow development of AI technology. They believe that companies should not set their project and product positioning too high, and that the industry should not be deified. Instead, they should focus on slow, steady growth and return to normal investment returns.

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