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Press releases are a great way for projects to showcase and share any exciting developments on their front, whether it be the latest partnership or an important milestone in their roadmap. Projects choose Boxmining.com for publication of their press releases as they are assured that it would have a huge global reach thanks to our wide audience base and supporters.

We are happy to host your press release or to discuss with you on how we can help you create a customized one of your own. Please contact us at contact@boxmining.com for more details.

60,000+ Participants in Travel ($TRVL) Token Launch

Dtravel ($TRVL) are thrilled update on the community support received over the last week. The launch events for TRVL — the token powering the...

Starly.io ($STARLY) global listing and staking program

STARLY listing on KuCoin Starly ($STARLY) will be launching on KuCoin with STARLY/USDT trading pair. Details are as follows: Deposits open from 16 February...

The Crypto Squad Celebrates 7,000 Followers with an Airdrop Campaign!

The Crypto Squad, the popular Twitter account dedicated to cryptocurrency news and insights, is excited to announce an airdrop campaign to celebrate reaching 7,000...

Zenlink Hybrid AMM Launch Info

Zenlink is pleased to announce that the Zenlink Hybrid AMM will be live on the Moonriver network on May 31 at 10 am (UTC) and live on...
Fed's hawkish signals sets 2023 bear market in stone?

Bitcoin Price Dips After Fed’s December Meeting Minutes Release

The Federal Reserve’s December meeting minutes revealed the central bank’s plans to continue raising the federal funds rate to control rising inflation. This could...

IAGON ($IAG) Token Utility Model

Everything you wanted to know about Iagon's IAG token and its usage IAGON’s Shared Storage Economy. Disclaimer:  The presented $IAG token utility model in this article...

Security Token Offering Swaps Ready for Live Launch on IX Swap

IX Swap, the first decentralized exchange for security tokens and tokenized stocks, has announced the imminent launch of its proprietary STO (security token offering)...
three kingdoms v3

The Three Kingdoms (TTK): Token Listing on PancakeSwap and Gate.io

The Three Kingdoms (TTK) will be listing their token, $TTK on PancakeSwap and Gate.io. About The Three Kingdoms The Three Kingdoms is a third-generation NFT (non-fungible...