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Newsletter #15

Happy Thanksgiving! We at Team Boxmining would like to give a big thank you to YOU, for your support and your presence...

Cryptocurrency Exchange News (November 2020)

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are facing additional regulation and scrutiny around the world. Two key exchanges - OKEX and Huobi are under regulatory scrutiny...

Persistence One ($XPRT): Crypto asset loans with NFTs?

Persistence One ($XPRT) attempts to amalgamate real-world assets with blockchain-based finance. There has been a need for this because decentralized finance (DeFI)...

Plus Token (PLUS) Scam – Anatomy of a Ponzi

What is Plus Token? "Plus Token" was a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme disguised as a high-yield investment program. Platform administrators...

Developing story: OKEx suspends withdrawals…but is there more to this?

What happened? On 16th October 2020 OKEx suddenly announced that one of their private key holders (later confirmed to...