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Coins used in the decentralized gaming space.

ChainGuardians ($CGG): play games to earn cryptocurrency?

ChainGuardians is powered by the technology that allows digital asset tokenization, creating an ecosystem where blockchain meets play. Here, users can have fun on...

SuperFarm ($SUPER): Cross-chain NFT Farming with no code required

SuperFarm ($SUPER) is a cross-chain DeFi platform aimed at easing the process of creating non-fungible tokens (NFT) while giving them the capacity to add...

Decentral Games ($DG): a decentralised crypto casino

Decentral Games is the first community-owned casino ecosystem offering a chance to participate in a seamless, anonymous and decentralized gaming ecosystem, all the while...

Enjin (ENJ) Explained: Blockchain Gaming Platform

Enjin is a blockchain gaming platform focused on the creation of digital collectible items that are truly owned by the user. The platform offers...

Exeedme (XED): allowing every gamer to earn with blockchain and NFTs?

Exeedme (XED) is a blockchain-powered gaming tournament platform designed to finally give professional gamers the income and recognition they deserve. There are over 2.5...

Atari ($ATRI) – Powering the Gaming Industry

Atari, the pioneer of the videogame industry, is venturing into the crypto space by creating their own token, Atari Token, ($ATRI), to power the...

REVV: Animoca Brands’ racing games go crypto

REVV is the currency of purchase, utility and action for Animoca Games' motorsports games. Animoca Games is a blockchain gaming firm and global game...

WAX Token Overview – Decentralized Gaming Exchange

WAX aims to become a platform that enables anyone to create their own virtual marketplace for digital assets. It will also allow current and...