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Ethereum is smart contract platform- it allows for the deployment of decentralized applications (Dapps). Dapps are programs that obey a certain set of conditions that cannot be altered once published – not even by the creator of the contract.
Programmable money can replace the use of third-party escrow or brokers by programming conditions directly into the transaction.

Ethereum merge end of eth killers

Ethereum Merge is Coming, Is This the End of Ethereum Killers?

The Ethereum network is said to be the fastest and most scalable blockchain after the Merge in September, effectively cementing its position as the...
YFI Yield Farming yearn

YFI Yield Farming with yEarn Pool

Yield Farming is a popular method for cryptocurrency owners to gain passive income. It involves taking advantage of various incentives rewards for locking-up (aka...
Scaling Solutions: Arbitrum, Boba, Optimism, Polygon, Ethereum 2.0

Understanding Layer 2 & Scaling Solutions: Arbitrum, Boba, Optimism, Polygon, Ethereum...

One of the core problems with the Ethereum network today is scalability. As more and more decentralized apps (dApps) are built on the network,...
Ethereum to surpass Bitcoin soon?

The Flippening: Will Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin in 2023?

The Flippening Narrative: Bitcoin vs Ethereum The concept of the "Flippening" has been increasingly gaining traction in the crypto space. It refers to the hypothetical...
Here's how to claim the free ConsenSys NFT

ConsenSys Free NFT Airdrop Guide: CLAIM NOW!

ConsenSys is celebrating the upcoming Ethereum Shanghai/Capella upgrade with the launch of a new NFT collection called "Ethereum, Evolved: Shanghai". The NFT claim period...
The End of Ethereum Mining?

The End for Ethereum Miners after ETH 2.0?

The newly launched Ethereum Merge has rendered mining obsolete. So what will happen to all Ethereum mining pools and its miners as well as...
Liquidity Staking Derivatives is a trending narrative in 2023. Here's why

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade: Liquid Staking Derivatives are coming

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade is Pumping Liquid Staking Derivative Tokens The Ethereum network is set to undergo a major upgrade on 13th April 2023, and Liquid...

ERC 1155 Defined: What are ERC-1155 tokens?

ERC-1155 is a digital token standard created by Enjin that can used to create both fungible (currencies) and non-fungible (digital cards, pets and in-game...

Swag Finance Token Launch guide

Swag.live is a popular adult entertainment platform with over 10 Million users worldwide with over $12,000,000 USD annual revenue (source). SWAG pioneered the Asian...

Ethereum 2.0 London Hard Fork Roll Out

(as of August 24th, 2021) This is an update of an older article on Ethereum 2.0. Click here to read the previous version. London Hard Fork The...