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Blockchain projects frequently rely on crypto airdrops to raise awareness, grow their community, and increase the value of their products. After all, the survival of a project depends on its ability to attract and grow its user base. Users, of course, have nothing to complain about. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? People have made as much as US$10,000 from crypto airdrops, all without putting in a single cent. We have compiled a list of the top cryptocurrency airdrops and evaluated them.

$ARS airdrop event is LIVE!

ArbiSpace ($ARS) Token Airdrop Guide LIVE: Ends March 6th

ArbiSpace ($ARS) is a crypto launchpad built on Arbitrum. They recently announced a live $ARS airdrop event which will end on 6th March 2023....
Eggs $aEGGS token airdrop guide

Eggs ($EGGS, $aEGGS) Token Airdrop Guide: High risk, high reward?

Eggs have suddenly shown up on our airdrop radar. Seemingly with no actual utility, Eggs calls itself an “eggsperiment in decentralized finance”. The $EGGS...
Increment Finance ($INCR) token airdrop

Increment Finance ($INCR) token airdrop guide

Increment Finance is built on the zkSync ecosystem which allows on-chain perpetual swaps that feature automatically concentrated liquidity, dynamic fees, and parametrizable pools. Increment...
Getting the GammaX airdrop is very easy.

GammaX Exchange Token Airdrop Guide: LIVE NOW

The GammaX Exchange beta testnet is now live. Users can complete simple tasks to earn points in exchange for GammaX tokens. The more points...
Here's how to get Myria airdrop.

Myria Token and NFT Airdrop: The Complete Guide

Myria is a decentralized Ethereum layer-2 platform powered by StarkWare, designed to scale digital assets, NFTs, and blockchain gaming. Their mainnet is already live,...
Here's how to get Shardeum token airdrop.

Shardeum ($SHM) Token Airdrop Guide: Earn $1500 for Free

Shardeum is an upcoming linearly scalable layer-1 blockchain using dynamic state sharding similar to NEAR Protocol. The project is still in its early phase,...
Don't miss out on $MMT second airdrop!

My MetaTrader ($MMT) Token Airdrop Guide: Second Round CONFIRMED!

My MetaTrader, also known as mTrader, is a decentralized leverage trading platform built with AI technology. They recently listed their $MMT token, and announced...

EVO Wallet Airdrop Guide: LIVE NOW

EVO Wallet is an Aptos Network wallet available on both iOS and Android. The wallet will allow users to send and receive Aptos tokens...
Step-by-step guide on how to get the $SDT airdrop:

SharDex ($SDT) Token Airdrop Guide: LIVE NOW!

SharDex is now live on Shardeum Liberty 2.X, and they have launched a million-point airdrop plan. Users can earn Share Points by inviting friends...
Here's how to get the potential $VRTX airdrop.

Vertex Protocol ($VRTX) Token Airdrop Guide: LIVE NOW!

Vertex Protocol's testnet is currently live, and they are planning to launch their $VRTX token. This means that an airdrop is very likely. In...