Bitcoin Conference to Bring Star-Studded Lineup of Speakers to Hong Kong on Dawn of Historic ETFs

Anticipation is building in Asia as Hong Kong regulators usher in a new wave of innovation with their recent approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This pivotal step highlights Hong Kong’s dedication to becoming a regulated Bitcoin hub. Simultaneously, the Bitcoin Conference is drawing the most talented and visionary Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide to Hong Kong for Bitcoin Asia.

The Bitcoin Asia Conference, set for May 9-10, 2024, at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, serves as a guiding light for this new era. It aims to unite top minds and industry leaders for an in-depth exploration of finance’s future. With this monumental regulatory achievement in the background, the conference is gearing up for an exciting array of speakers, insightful discussions, and unmatched networking opportunities.

Exclusive Insights from Industry Titans

At Bitcoin Asia, participants will gain valuable insights from some of the industry’s most esteemed innovators and leaders. Drawing on their extensive experience and firsthand expertise, these visionaries will provide exceptional perspectives on the shifting landscape of digital assets, both in Hong Kong and around the world.

“Hong Kong is spearheading the future of Bitcoin enterprise financialization through its recently-approved in-kind Spot ETF. Bitcoin Asia will showcase the best and brightest entrepreneurs, ETF issues, funds, developers, and miners from the APAC region.” – Alex McShane, Director of Programming at Bitcoin Conference

Notable Speakers

• Johnny Ng, Member of HKSAR Legislative Council
Johnny Ng champions progressive virtual asset policies, shaping the regulatory landscape and fostering a conducive environment for the growth and innovation of the digital asset industry in Hong Kong and beyond.
• Han Tongli, CEO & CIO of Harvest Global Investments Limited
Han Tongli pioneered the Bitcoin spot ETF launch in Hong Kong, bridging crypto with traditional finance through his extensive experience in investment management and financial innovation.
• Casey Rodarmor, Creator of Ordinals & Runes Protocols
As the mind behind both Ordinals and Runes protocols, Casey Rodarmor drives innovation in blockchain technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in decentralized systems with his groundbreaking work.
• Elizabeth Stark, CEO and Founder of Lightning Labs
Elizabeth Stark leads Lightning Labs, revolutionizing Bitcoin transactions globally with her visionary leadership and dedication to scalability.
• Jack Kong, Director of Hong Kong Cyberport
With a focus on long-term vision, Jack Kong shapes the future of tech in Hong Kong, fostering an ecosystem of innovation and growth that positions the city as a global leader in technology and entrepreneurship.
• Rex Zhou, Cofounder & Chief Engineer of Magic Eden
Rex Zhou’s Magic Eden and MSigner continue to advance the frontier of secure crypto transactions, offering unparalleled solutions for the seamless exchange of digital assets while ensuring utmost security and privacy for users.
• Jademont Zheng, Founding Partner of Waterdrip Capital
Jademont Zheng’s strategic investments in Bitcoin startups drive industry growth and innovation, leveraging his vast experience and expertise to identify and support the most promising ventures shaping the future of finance and technology.

Highlighted Sessions

• Bitcoin Financialization in Hong Kong
Witness the historic approval of Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong and explore its groundbreaking future in Bitcoin financialization as a leading hub in Asia.
• From Ordinal to Market
Uncover the journey from conceptualization to market realization, delving into the intricate process of transforming the revolutionary concept of digital art into tangible solutions within the Bitcoin ecosystem.
• Relay Policy Revolt: How Miners Ignore Bitcoin Core To Maximize Profit
Gain insights into the evolving dynamics of Bitcoin mining, as industry experts discuss strategies employed by miners to optimize profits, sometimes diverging from the core protocol’s recommendations.
• Digital Assets, Gaming & The Future of Bitcoin
Discover the intersection of digital assets and gaming, as visionary leaders explore how the gaming industry is shaping the future of Bitcoin adoption and innovation.
• Bitcoin DeFi: Protocol Layer
Dive into the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape built on the Bitcoin protocol layer, examining the latest developments and opportunities in this rapidly evolving sector.
• Layer 2 Venture Capital
Explore the investment landscape surrounding Layer 2 solutions for Bitcoin, as experienced venture capitalists discuss funding opportunities and potential for growth in scaling solutions beyond the base layer.

You can visit their full agenda live on their website!

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