Binance vs Coinbase Exchange Comparison Review: Features, Fees, Services and More

Which Cryptocurrency Exchange is the “Best?”

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been the central trading platform in the crypto space. Traders worldwide have made substantial returns on their investment just from pressing a couple of buttons. This has attracted many others to join in hopes of profiting from trading crypto.

However, one of the key factors in successful trading is finding the right crypto exchange. With hundreds of crypto exchanges available, everyone is constantly asking “which crypto exchange is the best?” Traders want to make the most of their investments, whether it be low trading fees or lucrative services. In this article, we will be comparing two of the top crypto exchanges in the world: Binance and Coinbase.

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What is Binance?

Binance is the world’s most popular crypto exchange by a large margin. It is rank one in organic trading volume per day ($14 billion at the time of writing) and in website and app user session (87 million visits).

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