Best airdrop routes: How to get over 25 token airdrops at once!

Crypto token airdrops are an almost guaranteed way for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to get maximum exposure and users for their protocol. Therefore, many crypto projects are very likely to do an airdrop. And because many projects share or are partnered with each other, there are airdrop routes that allow you to farm multiple airdrops at once! Here is our best airdrop route, some of which let you farm over 25 potential airdrops in one go!

What is a crypto token airdrop?

A crypto token airdrop is a marketing strategy employed by companies in the cryptocurrency space to promote awareness and increase ownership of their project and token. It involves delivering (airdropping) tokens to users, usually as a reward for completing various tasks on their protocol. For example, following their social media, helping promote the project or testing the protocol. The token which is airdropped is usually the native token of the project, and it us usually airdropped to eligible users during its launch.

Best airdrop route: How to get over 25 airdrops at once?

Here’s one of the best airdrop routes we have found, which can qualify you for over 25 token airdrops in one go!

Here’s one of the best airdrop routes we have found, which can qualify you for over 25 token airdrops in one go!

  1. Trade on Hyperliquid

    Hyperliquid is an order book perpetual futures DEX. To trade on Hyperliquid, go to “Portfolio” and deposit some USDC.e. Then, trade or provide liquidity to their Vaults. As Hyperliquid DEX is already live, be aware that you will be using real funds for trading. Hyperliquid has a FRIEND-USD index and ZRO-USD index on which you can trade. Note however that both and LayerZero do not have tokens yet, so the indices do not represent actual tokens.

    Note: If you do not have any USDC.e, you will need to swap native USDC for USDC.e on Uniswap. Learn how to use Uniswap with our Uniswap Review and Tutorial.

    Potential airdrops covered: Hyperliquid,, LayerZero.

  2. Trade on Bebop

    Bebop is a decentralized trading platform that aims to deliver a breakthrough in user experience for trading in DeFi by allowing users to trade multiple tokens at once.

    To trade on Bebop, connect your wallet to their website and deposit some USDC. You can withdraw your USDC.e from Hyperliquid in step 1 above, but you will need to swap your USDC.e to USDC on Uniswap. Tip: swap USDC to USDT on Bebop to create trading activity.

    Potential airdrops covered: Hyperliquid, Bebop.

  3. Bridge tokens on Bungee exchange

    Bungee is a tool powered by Socket that helps people find the best way to move a digital token from one blockchain to another. 

    Bridge tokens from any chain (e.g. Ethereum, Arbitrum etc) to zkSync Era to qualify for a potential zkSync Era airdrop. You can use your USDT from step 2 above to bridge USDT on Arbitrum network to USDC on Optimism network via Stargate. Finally, use Gas refuel option by refueling ETH to zkSync.

    Check out our Bungee Token Airdrop Guide and Socket token airdrop guide
    Potential airdrops covered: Bungee, Socket, Arbitrum, zkSync, Optimism, Stargate, LayerZero.

  4. Swap tokens on Slingshot

    Slingshot is a deFi application that allows users to search for, send, receive, and swap over 50,000 cryptocurrencies at the best prices with 0% swap fees.

    To swap tokens on Slingshot, go to the “Swap” tab. Use your USDC from step 3 above to swap to ETH on the Optimism network.

    Potential airdrops covered: Slingshot, Optimism

  5. Bridge tokens on Li.Fi (Jumper)

    Li.Fi is a bridge aggregator which can also connect with decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Jumper is the DEX powered by Li.Fi.

    To bridge tokens on Li.Fi (Jumper), connect your wallet to Go to the “Exchange” tab and select your to and from tokens. We suggest you bridge the ETH tokens from step 4 above from the Optimism network to the Base network via the Stargate route. Check out our Li.Fi Lizard($LZRD) token airdrop guide for a full tutorial.

    Potential airdrops covered: Li.Fi (Jumper), Optimism, Stargate, LayerZero.

  6. Swap tokens on Odos

    Odos is a token swap platform which aims to facilitate trades across multiple decentralized exchanges and boasts a multi-token swap feature.

    Connect your wallet to Odos and go to the Swap page. Select Base network from the top right-hand corner and swap your ETH tokens from step 5 above to USDbC.

    Potential airdrops covered: Odos

  7. Mint ONFTs on Merkly

    Merkly has a goal to offer a user-friendly interface that allows users to interact with less popular chains directly, while taking advantage of LayerZero’s one-of-a-kind messaging system.

    To mint ONFTs, go to “ONFT Bridge” after connecting your wallet to Select Base to Linea as your bridge, then follow the steps to Mint and Bridge. If you need gas for the transaction, go to the “Get Gas” tab and refuel gas from zkSync Era to Linea (see step 3 above). Then, bridge your ONFT to Linea network.

    Potential airdrops covered: Merkly, zkSync, Linea.

  8. Bridge tokens on Meson

    Meson is a cross-chain swap protocol optimised for stablecoins, their aim is to complete cross-chain transactions in 1-2 minutes at over 80% gas costs savings.

    To bridge tokens on Meson, go to the “Swap” tab and bridge your USDbC from step 6 above from Base network to zkSync Era.

    Potential airdrops covered: Meson, zkSync.

  9. Trade on Satori

    Satori is a protocol on Polygon zkEVM and may do their own airdrop on Polygon zkEVM in the future. 

    To trade on Satori, connect your wallet on the zkSync Era mainnet. Go to the portfolio page and click on “Deposit” to deposit some USDC onto their platform, put in some long/short orders. Then, withdraw your USDC. Alternatively, you can trade on the Linea or zkEVM networks to position yourself for any potential Linea or Polygon zkEVM airdrops. However, you will need USDT or MATIC if you are trading on the Polygon zkEVM network.

    Check out our Polygon zkEVM (MATIC) Token Airdrop Guide!

    Potential airdrops covered: Satori, zkSync, Polygon zkEVM, Linea

  10. Swap tokens on Syncswap

    SyncSwap is a DeFi hub that allows users to trade and deposit liquidity into pools to earn trading fees. It is one of the first and biggest protocols in the zkSync ecosystem.

    To swap tokens on Syncswap, connect your wallet to the protocol and make sure you are on zkSync mainnet. Then, swap your USDC from step 9 above to WETH. You can also go onto the “Pool” tab and provide liquidity.

    Check out our SyncSwap ($SYNC) Token Airdrop Guide

    Potential airdrops covered: Syncswap, zkSync.

  11. Swap tokens on Zerion

    Zerion is a non-custodial crypto wallet that also offers services such as NFT and DeFi tracker, as well as swap features.

    To swap tokens on Zerion, connect your wallet to Swap your WETH from step 10 above to ETH using the zkSync network.

    Check out our Zerion Token Airdrop Guide

    Potential airdrops covered: Zerion, zkSync.

  12. Bridge tokens on Layerswap

    Layerswap is a protocol that allows users to bridge cryptoassets across networks quickly and reliably.

    Connect your wallet to Layerswap. User some of your ETH from step 11 above to bridge from zkSync Era network to Linea network.

    Check out our Linea (ConsenSys zkEVM) Token Airdrop Guide

    Potential airdrops covered: Layerswap, zkSync, Linea.

  13. Bridge tokens on Orbiter Finance

    Orbiter Finance is one of the hottest bridge for emerging layer-2 blockchains right now!

    For this step, we will be bridging to StarkNet network, so you will need to have Argent X or Braavo wallet. Learn how to set up your Argent X wallet here. Connect your Metamask wallet to the protocol and bridge your remaining ETH from step 11 above from zkSync Era to StarkNet network. You will then be automatically prompted to also connect your Argent X or Braavo wallet to Orbiter Finance. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

    Check out our Orbiter Finance Token Airdrop Guide and StarkNet ($STRK) Token Airdrop Guide

    Potential airdrops covered: Orbiter Finance, zkSync, StarkNet.

  14. Trade NFTs on Element

    Element describes itself as the first ever community-driven aggregated marketplace. Their aim is to enable users to get access to the best liquidity, lowest transaction costs, and most efficient trading functions.

    To trade NFTs on Element, connect your wallet and choose any verified NFT to buy. For example, you can buy Arbitrum Odyssey NFTs (around 0.00027 ETH) or Linea Voyage NFTs (around 0.00119). Then, list your Merkly NFT from step 7 above by clicking on your profile-> My NFTs. Select the NFT you wish to sell and click “List for sale”. Set your prices and click “Listing”.

    Potential airdrops covered: Element. And depending on the NFT you buy, Arbitrum or Linea.

  15. Bridge assets on Stargate

    Stargate is the first dAPP built on LayerZero, and is working to create a bridge between different digital assets. This bridge will enable users to easily transfer and use digital assets across different platforms.

    Connect your wallet to Stargate, then bridge your ETH in step 12 above from Linea to Optimism network.

    Check out our Stargate Finance ($STG) airdrop guide

    Potential airdrops covered: Stargate, Linea, Optimism

  16. Swap assets on Argent X wallet and buy Xplorer NFT

    Argent is the first crypto wallet for StarkNet and is built on zkSync.

    To swap assets in your Argent wallet, go to the swap tab (the button with two arrows). Then, swap your ETH in your Argent X wallet (from step 13 above) to USDT. Then, go to Unframed and search for the Xplorer NFT collection. Purchase an Xplorer NFT (some are around 0.004 ETH).

    Potential airdrops covered: Argent, zkSync, StarkNet

  17. Swap assets on Avnu

    Avnu is a decentralized exchange protocol that aims to provide the best execution in DeFi for Layer 2. Their objective is to offer better pricing, zero slippage, MEV-protection, and gasless trading, ensuring the most efficient and seamless operations in the DeFi space.

    Connect your Argent X wallet to Anvu and go to the “Trade” tab. Swap your USDT from step 16 above to WBTC.

    Potential airdrops covered: Avnu, zkSync, StarkNet

  18. Swap assets on Zapper

    Zapper allows users to track various DeFi and NFT portfolios. It is also part of the Socket ecosystem.

    To swap assets on Zapper, go to the “Swap” tab on the top and make sure you are on the Optimism network. Then, take your ETH from step 15 above and swap it to USDC.

    Check out our Socket token airdrop guide

    Potential airdrops covered: Zapper, Socket, Optimism

  19. Bridge assets on Tsunami Finance

    TsunamiX is a margin trading and spot exchange that aims to let users trade with 0% price impact, known exit liquidity, low funding fees, a low spread, and collateral with growing value over time.

    For this step, since you will be trading on Aptos you will need a compatible wallet such as Martian Wallet. Connect your EVM wallet (e.g. Metamask) and Aptos wallet (e.g. Martian) and go to the “Bridge” tab. Bridge USDC on Optimism (from step 18 above) to Aptos. Note you will need to pay gas in $APT for this transaction.

    Learn more about Aptos with our Aptos Blockchain Guide

    Potential airdrops covered: Tsunami, Optimism

  20. Swap assets on Liquidswap

    Liquidswap is one the biggest AMMs in the Aptos ecosystem.

    Connect your Aptos wallet (e.g. Martian wallet) to Liquidswap. Go to the “Swap” tab. Swap your USDC from step 19 above to USDT on the LayerZero network.

    Potential airdrops covered: LiquidSwap, LayerZero


This article has covered the best airdrop routes that can help users get over 25 token airdrops at once. These include popular potential airdrops such as zkSync, LayerZero, Linea, Arbitrum and Optimism. As well as up-and-coming airdrops with huge potential such as Hyperliquid, Bebop, Bungee, Slingshot, Li.Fi, Odos, Merkly, Meson, Satori, Syncswap, Zerion, Layerswap, Orbiter Finance, Element, Stargate, Argent X, Avnu, Zapper, Tsunami Finance and Liquidswap. Follow this route and you won’t miss out on the best airdrops!