Ask a question to Kevin and Drey, Co-founders of Linear Finance

I’ll be interviewing Kevin and Drey, Co-founders of Linear Finance ($LINA) LIVE on 10th September 2020 at 3:00am (UTC)!

In the interview we will be discussing:

  • Building DeFi – What are the current issues surrounding Decentralised Finance (DeFi) space?
  • What is Linear Finance and what are they doing to make an impact on DeFi?
  • What can we expect from Linear Finance in 2020 and beyond?

What is Linear Finance?

Linear Finance is a cross-chain compatible, decentralized delta-one asset protocol to cost-effectively and instantly create, manage, and trade synthetic assets. Users can make synthetic assets containing a portfolio of different underlying tokens. Thus presenting new yield-making opportunities based on their personalised financial goals.

Linear Finance is one to watch. They have recently completed a USD$1.8m seed round with notable backers in the investment space such as NGC Ventures, Hashed, CMS Holdings, Genesis Block, Kenetic Capital, Alameda Research, Evernew Capital, Soul Capital, Moonrock Capital, Black Edge Capital and PANONY.

This video is aimed at all levels of cryptocurrency enthusiasts so feel free to ask Kevin and Drey your burning questions about Linear Finance, DeFi, and this space in general.

I’ll personally be giving out prizes for the top 3 most creative/insightful questions.

To ask a question, leave a comment in this post below!

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