Ascending the Throne: “The King of New York” An NFT Auction with Notorious B.I.G. As The Crown Jewel

In the wake of the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, “The King of New York” auction is about to take center stage. The late great rapper Notorious B.I.G. will be the crown jewel of this series of Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) featuring an original photo taken three days before his death in 1997.

Anticipation of ETF Approval Driving Excitement in the Crypto Industry

The photo was taken by Barron Claiborne and entitled “The King Of New York” to honor the lyricist’s status. Culture journalist and author, Vikki Tobak described it as a “symbol of greatness”. The Notorious B.I.G. photo will be sold with a unique digital twin in an auction starting at 50 Ethereum ($93,500). The winning bidder will also get a special phone call to discuss the legendary image with the photographer.

The NFT artworks include limited edition animations of the rapper, a collectible inspired by the crown, and a digital bust. Notorious B.I.G as the face of the King Of New York collection is a cause of celebration, but 35% of proceeds from this auction will also go to the Keiyo Art Association to bring art experiences to the public, and 5% to Charity: Water for providing clean water access to those in need.

Ironically, the launch of the Evening Standard newspaper’s team with artist Trevor Jones coincided with the event. They collaborated on a free Ethereum NFT collection to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. The event brought together traditional media and digital art in a unique way.

Media Outlets Embracing Web3 and NFTs, Including TIME, GQ, and Playboy

The Oath” collection showcases Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation crown, known as Saint Edward’s Crown, from 1953. Layer-2 protocol used reduces Ethereum‘s carbon footprint by 99.99%, addressing environmental concerns for the event. This media outlet is the latest to jump on the Web3 bandwagon, including TIME, GQ, and Playboy.

The convergence of art, media, and NFTs in honoring historical moments is truly inspiring. We celebrate past lives, looking to the future to bring digital goods to collectors seeking authenticity. The King of New York is claiming his rightful throne, as the auction now launches. Onward to becoming royalty!

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